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At Dive Advice Travel our mission is to create customized,  personalized dive odysseys to the most enchanting dive destinations on the planet.  From polar majesty to tropical splendor  ...  from macro critters to pelagic giants  ...  we're passionate about bringing you the world's finest diving.

See below a spectacular trip report from our August 15 Galapagos Master charter

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Re: Galapagos - We've had about 10 trips all packed into one week on this cruise!    Numerous whale sharks on each and every Darwin dive (8 dives)  all huge & at arm's reach.    Hammerheads galore.    Orcas on the hunt in Isabela.    Iguanas underwater feeding, more than I can count.    Everywhere.    Flightless cormorants hunting the catch of the day.    Schools of playful dolphins.     20 minutes with SEVEN giant eagle rays!    A school of 200 mobulas.   2 mola molas at a cleaning station.   Want some more?   I have lots more to say if you want to hear it.    Best trip ever and Galapagos is still number ONE destination in the world :-)     Thanks for everything!   Amir

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dive advice travelWe understand that, whether you’re new to diving or a diving pro, you’re looking for the best & most up-to-date information to help you to plan your next adventure.

It’s a genuine pleasure for us to be able to share our knowledge with you.  Our tips & advice are based on years of experience in the diving world & we're pleased to offer our personal insights for each carefully chosen destination, boat and resort.

We offer full service dive travel, working in partnership with Amazing Adventures Travel in California and with a growing network of dive specialists from around the world.  Thanks to this network, we are able to offer a wider choice of available dates than you will find most anywhere else in the industry.

So, welcome to Dive Advice Travel.   We hope you’ll enjoy a tour of the website and will contact us to let us know how we can best assist you in your travels.

Always at your service,
Dominick Macan

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