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A Note from Dom

The reports from our November 2008 & 2009 Bahamas Tiger Sharks trips, with photographer Wolfgang Leander, were nothing short of incredible.

Clients actually wrote to say that the experience was life-changing.  To be in the water with these enormous & powerful creatures and to have no fear of them, to find nothing but peace & beauty in the "air" was astonishing . . . and to quote one client it was like "sacred meditation".

Not surprisingly, the feedback led us to engage two charters for 2009. I joined the fun myself and was so awed by the experience that I am waiting impatiently to return.   So . . . .  we've taken three charters in 2010, with tiger shark photographer, Wolfgang Leander, once again joining the trips.  And Old Dom will be tagging along for at least one of the charters!

The dates for 2010 are:     Nov 6-13  . . .  Nov 14-20 . . .  Nov 21-27 
(one 7 night trip & two 6-night trips).  

The rates for these trips:    7 night trip - $2795    6 night trips - $2395


The dates for 2011 are:     Oct 23-29  . . .  Oct 30-Nov 5 . . .  Nov 6-13  (two 6-night & one 7 night trip).  
The rates for these trips:    7 night trip -
$2845   6 night trips - $2445

For more details see below or contact me directly for more info  >>>   But first, to whet your appetite, you may want to check out the fabulous video shot on last year's trip by David Ulloa of Valleo Films And, much gratitude to David for the ethereal shot of the Tiger, above on the left!

Hope to see you in November in the Bahamas !  And, for more Extreme Diving ideas, check out the exciting range of trips that photographer Amos Nachoum offers through his Big Animals Epic Wildlife Expeditions.  Read more  >>>

Cheers, Dom

Tiger Beach on the Dolphin Dream

Following on the heels of two years of highly successful November trips, we are delighted to announce
THREE Bahamas Tiger Shark trips in
2010 & 2011
accompanied by the renowned Tiger Shark photographer
Wolfgang Leander.
These trips will be
TIGER SHARK trips - nothing else . . . . . 

We highly recommend a visit to Wolfgang's sites, listed below, to see photos & to read a blow by blow account on his blog.   If you're interested in the Tigers, this is definitely NOT to be missed!


All black & white Tiger Images on this Page Courtesy of Wolfgang Leander

Trip Details

We will stay at Tiger Beach, which is by far the best location to have constant shark action, day and night. There are always at least 15 - 20 beautiful 6 - 7,5 ft lemon sharks around - ALL the time - and tigers, of course. Last November a dive group had as a special bonus "Julia" with them - a stunningly elegant 8 ft Great Hammerhead girl who was there 4 days, 4 nights non-stop! Even though we cannot guarantee future shark encounters in the strict sense of the word, we can state this: so far, our success rate has been 100%.
No dolphins, no turtles, no trying out other spots where chances are you might not see any sharks. Tiger Beach is simply the best spot in the area,  According to many experienced shark divers, Tiger Beach ranks among the best shark dives WORLD-WIDE - some consider it simply the best.
For videos and still photographs Tiger Beach is just fantastic!! Clear water and  -  an underwater sand beach which makes for incredibly clean and graphic photographs.

2010 Dates:   

Nov 6 - 13    (7 nights @ $2795) 4 spaces 
Nov 14 - 20  (6 nights@ $2395)  1 space
Nov 21 - 27  ( 6 nights @ $2395) Full
Depart and Return to West Palm Beach, Florida 


2011 Dates:   

Oct 23-29 (6 nights)   @ $2445
Oct 30-Nov 5 (6 nights)  
@ $2445
Nov 6-13 ( 7 nights)
@ $2845


Includes: all port fees & taxes, transportation to and from the Bahamas aboard the Dolphin Dream. Accommodation with 3 meals a day, non-alcoholic beverages, local beers and snacks, full diving program with tank, weights & belts, air fills and 4/5 dives per day. 

Extras: wines & spirits not supplied (you can bring your own), rental gear, crew gratuity, videos, books etc.

Deposit of $750.00 per person needed to secure your space, with final payment due 90 days prior to departure.  Payment by personal check (US$), bank transfer or it can be charged to a credit card.

Cancellation: all payments are non-refundable unless the space is filled. If your cancelled space is filled without additional cost to us, then your deposit will be returned less $100 cancellation fee and cost of any credit card charges. After final payment, no refunds are made. 

Insurance: We highly recommend all passengers purchase comprehensive trip insurance to cover you in the event your trip is cancelled or bad weather. We also require all divers and non-divers to have evacuation & medical insurance such as offered by Divers Alert Network (DAN) http://www.DiversAlertNetwork.org in the US and www.DanEurope.org in Europe.  

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP - USA citizens must carry valid passport. Resident Aliens MUST HAVE a GREEN CARD!  NON-US Citizens must have a valid passport and visa if required by Bahamas, plus visas for entering the US.

Click here to send an email if you have any questions or would like us to hold spaces for you.

  Dive Advice & Blue Wilderness Dive Expeditions
Shark Week with Wolfgang Leander
Dates to be announced
One of South Africa’s newly proclaimed marine protected areas,
the Aliwal Shoal is home to South Africa’s first Shark Park!
7km boat trip from the launch site at Rocky Bay
50 km / 37 miles south of Durban
35 km south of the Durban International airport

Seasonal Shark Species
Dec – June
June - Dec
Tiger Sharks Galeocerdo Cuvier 
Tiger Sharks Galeocerdo Cuvier
Whalesharks Rhincodon Typus
Ragged Tooth Sharks Carcharias taurus
Dusky Sharks Carcharhinus Obscurus
Dusky Sharks Carcharhinus Obscurus
Blacktip Sharks Carcharhinus Limbatus
Blacktip Sharks Carcharhinus Limbatus
Zambezi Sharks Carcharhinus Leucas
Copper sharks Carcharhinus brachyurus
Giant guitar shark Rhynchobatus djiddensis (November – Feb)

Water Temperature
Jan – Jun
22 – 28C
3 – 5mm wetsuit advised
Jul – Dec
18 – 24C
5mm wetsuit min. advised
Dive Type
Surface drift dive
Snorkelling / scuba air/ Nitrox mixes / rebreathers
Boat based viewing opportunities available for non-divers.

Typical Visibility
6 – 30 meters / 20 – 100 ft
Average 15 meters / 50 ft



to be announced

This price includes:

         Your Host, Wolfgang Leander

         6 Shark Park dives per person with 2 tanks per day

         2 cylinder and weighted belt per person

         7 Nights Bed & Breakfast accommodation

         7 Dinners

         6 Packed Boat lunches

         Return Airport transfers

         Shark Dive Guide

This price excludes gratuities and additional food and /or drinks. Alcohol is for guest’s own account.


 Terms and Conditions 

In order to secure your booking a 30% non-refundable deposit is payable to Dive Advice-Amazing Adventures by the stipulated date.

Shark Park dives are subject to availability and minimum diver numbers.

A scheduled shark Park launch requires a minimum of 4 paying clients.

All of the above are applicable unless agreed to by both parties.


Terms of payment

Prices are quoted in South African Rand, and will be invoiced at current rate of exchange.

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