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Let Extreme Diving Adventures be your guide for finding the best programs & the finest
    trip leaders to escort you to the final frontiers of diving.  

A Note from Dom

Extreme diving - the Final Frontier . . .  those magical, mystical relatively unexplored, unexploited places on the planet where you find the penultimate in diving - perhaps in polar waters or with the great predators of the oceans.  


The brave of heart may choose the Arctic or the Antarctic regions, experiencing in one voyage breathtaking land & underwater adventure, with non-stop photo opportunities. 

Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, intrepid divers can have sensational contact with the mighty Tiger Sharks. Further afield, you find similar experiences in South Africa.  And speaking of Africa, there's the magnificent Sardine Run, a frenzy of predators and their prey, which happens most years, but is never guaranteed.  When you sign up, you take your chances that Nature will cooperate in your chosen year!


Then you have Great White cage diving in Guadalupe, South Africa & Australia, swimming with Sailfish in the waters of Mexico, Humpback whales in Tonga & the Silver Banks of the Caribbean, Leopard Seals in Antarctica, Manta Rays at Socorro & Yap, Whale Sharks at Darwin & Wolf and in Raja Ampat, schooling Hammerheads at Cocos & Malpelo, plus Blue Whales, Orcas, Belugas, Striped Marlin . . . and more!

You have so many choices.  For the next step from the amazing world of coral gardens & macro critters, you may want to speak with us about an
Extreme Diving expedition.  Stay posted on new and exciting trips by visiting this page and on our What's Hot & What's New pages on a regular basis.

Cheers, Dom

Extreme Diving

Arctic, Antarctic

Tiger Sharks

South Africa
Sardine Run

Malpelo & Coiba

Socorro & Guadalupe

Marlins & Sailfish

Orcas, Humpbacks,
Blues, Narwahls

Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks & More
at Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Tiger Shark trips
at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas on
Dolphin Dream are now booking

Accompanied by renowned Tiger Shark photographer
Wolfgang Leander
Book your 2014 dates now

Nov 1-7 , 2014   
6 nights

Nov 8-14, 2014   
6 nights 

To whet your appetite, you can check out the fabulous video shot on the 2008 trip by David Ulloa


The ultimate Tiger Shark encounter!   6–7 foot Lemon Sharks  mingling with 10-14 foot Tiger Sharks.  Occasionally even a Great Hammerhead joins the fun!

With the stunning u
nderwater white-sand beach &  the clear turquoise water, this is a site-to-die-for for photographers & videographers!

While no one can ever guarantee shark encounters, trips to Tiger Beach have so far had 100% success.

Our trips are escorted by Tiger Shark expert, Wolfgang Leander, aboard the comfortable, 85-foot
Dolphin Dream  

We are also now offering programs aboard MV Kate with maximum 6 divers.  See our Caribbean Availability page for dates.

See more details on our Tiger Sharks page 
For spaces available see our
Availability page

Amos Nachoum's Big Animals Expeditions 

And we are equally pleased to represent the entire range of diving expeditions led by our friend and renowned photographer Amos Nachoum

Amos will lead you, in a small, environment-friendly group, to adventures, of which, under any other circumstances, you would only dream.

You can swim with Blue Whales off California; observe King Penguins as they prepare to mate; watch Norwegian Orcas herding schools of herring; meet hundreds of Mexican Sailfish or Striped Marlins nose-to-nose; follow the Humpback whales in Tonga; swim with the Narwhals in the Arctic waters of Canada; off the coast of San Diego, try to squeeze an entire Blue Whale into one photo; revel in seeing Polar Bears in their natural habitat in the high Arctic; or one of the many following extraordinary options:

For additional information on these trips just click here or
contact us for details or to book a trip.

Thanks to Amos for the stunning photos here!

The Sardine Run

The most talked about African diving event.  In June & July – most years - many millions of sardines travel from the cold south to the warmer waters of the former Transkei.

Visible even by satellite, these sardine shoals can range up to fifteen kilometers long.  Hundreds of predators – sharks, dolphins, whales - follow the migration to feed on the sardines.

It's a dive experience unlike any other on the planet!
We work with the most experienced & successful operators for 7-10 day programs which are easily combined with wildlife safaris.  

See more info about the Sardine Run shared with us by one of our preferred operators, Tim Ray of
Dive the Big Five Contact us for details.

Malpelo & Coiba 

For experienced divers only!

One of Colombia's National Parks, located roughly 300 miles off the Pacific Coast, is Malpelo.  This venue offers divers an outstanding opportunity to swim amongst enormous schools of Hammerhead & Silky Sharks, as well as Galapagos sharks, schools of jacks & tuna, and recently even some Whale Sharks & Humpback Whales have been spotted!
There are 3 liveaboards to choose from:
From Colombia -
Sea Wolf
  (contact us for current status)      
From Panama - Yemaya & Inula
9 night trips start at $3500 + park fees
See our Availability pages or contact us for details.

Socorro & Guadalupe  

Socorro - Thrilling interaction with ocean giants including Giant Mantas - wingspans up to 20 feet They approach divers with no fear An intensely, beautifully emotional moment


At the island of Guadalupe you can experience the finest encounters with Great White Sharks anywhere on the planet. Face-to-face with these awesome predators, some up to 17-feet long, with extraordinary visibility in intense blue water, you'll observe these magnificent creatures from the safety of a cage.

For Socorro & Guadalupe, we represent
Nautilus Explorer and Solmar VClick here for more details of each boat

See our Availability pages or contact us for details.

Arctic, Antarctic, Polar Diving Expeditions 

We proudly represent Oceanwide Expeditions & Waterproof Expeditions world specialists in voyages to the Polar regions offering truly unique and spectacular photography & diving expeditions.  Amos Nachoum of Big Animal Expeditions also offers polar diving a couple of times per year, so check out his programs.

Suitable for both divers & non-divers, each program involves land exploration, breathtaking scenery & fascinating encounters

Check our page on Arctic & Antarctic diving for more information on
Oceanwide Expeditions. See our Availability pages or contact us for details.

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