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Princess II

Princess II on location opt786

Princess II takes 12 guests & provides the comfort, space and facilities to operate cage diving with Great White sharks safely in the clear blue offshore waters of the Neptune Islands.

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Spirit of Freedom

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Spirit of Freedom was custom built for long range cruising & for a maximum of passenger comfort based on the sometimes agitated conditions of the Coral Sea region.  She accommodates 18 guests.

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Mike Ball's Spoil Sport

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Spoil Sport is a custom designed diving vessel which accommodates up to 29 guests. At 30 m (100 feet) she is a twin hull design, with maximized stability and comfort.

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Swim with whales
our hottest trend

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Swim with Orcas - Norway
Dive with Humpbacks- Socorro
Blue & sperm whales - Sri Lanka
Humpbacks - Silver Bank & Tonga
+ more  ...

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Encounter magnificent
ocean pelagics

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10-14 night Galapagos cruises
Swimimg with whales
Astonishing shark encounters
Whale sharks of Cenderawasih
+ more ...

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Adrenaline pumping
shark encounters

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Cocos & Galapagos
Tiger Beach, Bahamas
Cat Island, Bahamas
Guadalupe Great Whites
many more ...

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