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globe th CopyThe Red Sea, one of the most awesome marine environments in the world, sporting an incredibly rich biodiversity  ... is an inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa & Asia.   The Red Sea is connected to the Indian Ocean in the south through the narrow Strait of Bab al Mandab & the Gulf of Aden.   In the north, it splits into the Gulf of Aqaba & the Gulf of Suez where it joins the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.   Nine countries share the shorelines of the Red Sea & the waters of the Red Sea support a vital fishing industry and recreation facilities.

Remarkable Red Sea & Sudan

Egypt Sphinx Pyramid

Red Sea & Sudan diving  ...  the essentials

  • pristine hard corals, colorful soft corals, huge gorgonian fans, black coral & sponges, too
  • reef fish galore in every color, shape and size
  • spectacular Napoleon wrasse, lionfish and pufferfish ... blue spotted rays, butterfly fish and angelfish
  • walls, drop-offs, caves & tunnels, overhangs & holes, canyons & passages
  • some roaring currents and rousing drift dives
  • plenty of pelagic encounters, including mantas, oceanic white tips & hammerheads,
  • ever-present dolphins, larking about, simply enjoying life
  • and ahhh, the wrecks ... if you're a wreck-diver, the Red Sea and Sudan have some of the finest

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Where it all started

The Red Sea is probably the first place that comes to mind when you think about diving.

Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, generations of divers have had visions of the Red Sea - rich corals, masses of colorful reef fish, countless amazing wrecks (from freighters to destroyers) . . . and to top it all off schooling rays and sharks and playful dolphins.

Today the northern part of the Red Sea is heavily populated with day boats, and while it is still worthwhile diving, many divers prefer to skip the crowds and head for the southern waters, exploring into Sudan.

Sudan's Red Sea - brimming with life

In the deep south of this magnificent body of water, in the waters of Sudan, you'll find a haven for large predators, as well as still-plentiful numbers of the creatures the Red Sea has long been known for - lionfish, triggerfish, parrotfish, sweetlips, Wrasse, batfish, jacks and barracuda . . . well, the list is long.

You'll experience pinnacles, grottos, lagoons, plateaus and drift diving - plus healthy and prevalent soft and hard corals - all in beautifully clear water.

Which region is for you ?

Sudan Truck On Umbria Wreck Side View Sudan
You'll find world renowned sites Sanganeb (some of the best coral in the Red Sea) - Shaab Rumi (with the remains of Cousteau's Conshelf II experiment) - Abington (where hammerheads & turtles reign), Angarosh & Merlo Reef (both known for sharks, sharks & more sharks!) ... read more ...

You will also dive the wreck of the Umbria (described by Hans Hass as 'one of the worlds finest wrecks').

You can access her cargo holds still containing an amazing quantity of wine not to mention more than 350,00 bombs! The engine rooms, corridors and cabins are all accessible to experienced divers.

Highly rated as the 'serious diver's' paradise, Sudan has some wild & thrilling dives to its name.   Expect to see schooling jack, barracuda, tuna, snapper, grey & white tip sharks & mantas. Sightings of hammerheads, silky & oceanic white tips are not uncommon.  Add to this the pristine reefs, abundant corals and frequent encounters with dolphins in the lagoon at Sanganeb, Sudan makes for truly exhilarating diving.

In the Shab'Rumi lagoon a family of dolphins is present on pretty much a daily basis, unbelievably a hundred or so of them, available to play and be photographed.

And, of course, the reefs are home to colorful and abundant reef fish and macro critters.

If you want to see manta rays, then you can visit Sudan in August and October but if you are more interested in hammerheads then you should go around January and April.

Currently in Sudan there are very few liveaboards that organize cruises. This means uncrowded dives in an area of approximately 200 miles.  We work with what we feel are the best of the liveaboards serving this spectacular region. See our liveaboards page for more information.

RS Oceanic Whitetip 4 Friends Central Red Sea - Marsa Alam, Brothers, Elphingstone
Starting with Marsa Alam, there is something for everyone.  It is rated as one of the top destinations in the world, still totally unspoiled.  See dolphins at Samadai, dugongs at Marsa Mubarak, dive the cave systems, canyons & swim throughs of Shab Claude ... read more ...

Plus, large bays with rays, turtles and, snake eels.  Exciting fringing reefs with pelagic and schooling fishes, white tips and mantas.

The Brothers is truly unforgettable diving on a pair of remote, tiny islands, considered by many to be among the best dive sites in the world.   Spectacular reef pillars, vertical walls, fantastic hard & soft corals, gorgonians, black corals and prolific fish life, wrecks, incredible exhilarating diving awaits....

On the drop offs large schools of snappers, jacks, turtles, white-tip reef sharks, gray reef sharks, turtles, and hammerheads congregate.

Elphinstone is a legendary off shore reef which is a pelagic paradise; frequented by oceanic white tips, barracuda, tuna, hammerheads, turtles & Napoleon wrasse offering spectacular wall diving into the blue.

RS Coral Coral Fan Coral ColorSouth and Deep South Red Sea (Marine Park)
Dive Furyshoal, St. John's, Rocky Island, Daedelus, Zabargad.  Remote, offshore islands & reefs otherwise known as the Egyptian Red Sea's 'best of the best', an experienced divers dream come true, will excite the most hardened & well travelled diver ... read more ...

Outstanding wall dives full of 'pelagic action', schooling hammerheads, oceanic white tips, threshers, mantas and much more....

Pristine hard corals, prolific soft corals, abundant fish life, a visionary underwater wonderland....incredible diving.


RS 2 Napoleons Coral Deep Blue frantisek hojdysz Fotolia CopyNorthern Red Sea - Sharm al Sheikh and Hurgadah
An itinerary here includes some world famous dive sites such as Tiran Straits, the dramatic Ras Mohamed, the WWII wrecks of the Thistlegorm & Rosalie Moller as well as other fascinating wrecks at Abu Nuhas-the ships graveyard ... read more ...

Some of the most legendary dive sites on offer in the Red Sea and an ideal first Red Sea experience boasting over thirty dive sites.

Steep reefs, coral gardens and caves all teeming with tropical life abound.