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globe th CopyThe dramatic Sea of Cortez separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland.   It’s coastline is approximately 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) in length and it is one of the longest peninsulas in the world, second only to the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia.   The sea itself is thought to be one of the most diverse seas on the planet, and is home to more than 5,000 species of micro-invertebrates.   The Gulf of California is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sunny Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez Pelican

Sea of Cortez ... the essentials

  • a profuse number of islands, rocks & pinnacles
  • sloping walls and healthy reefs buzzing with life, including plenty of critters
  • large, richly colored sea fans & sponges, plus kelp forests
  • several endemic species (for example the Cortez angelfish & Cortez damselfish)
  • countless sea lions, all ready to cavort with you in their water-world playground
  • elegant manta rays, extraordinary leaping mobulas & ever-present stingrays
  • dolphins & porpoises which jet at full speed under the water, then rocket into the air in an orchestrated mass
  • the ever popular whale sharks frequently make an appearance
  • pilot whales & orcas, sperm whales & humpbacks are also often seen

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Kick back, relax & enjoy the sunshine

Your Sea of Cortez voyage will be one of pleasure, relaxation, sun and white sand beaches in addition to lovely diving ...

This is not adventure diving.   You're almost certain to encounter some of the oceans great predators ... but the numbers aren't anything close to those at Socorro or Malpelo or Galapagos .... and you don't have that same excessive adrenaline rush.  

Play with the sea lions & passing pelagics

But you can always count on the sea lions ... in great numbers .... plus, schools of jacks, tuna, dorado & wahoo  ... turtles, magnificent moray eels, lobsters & octopus  ... and at least a few of the big guys, including schooling hammerhead sharks & marlin, if you're really lucky.

The trips are typically run in May and June, before the air temperatures reach extreme heats but the water temperatures are already just right.

Most of the liveaboards offer some shore excursion options giving you the opportunity to visit a local community or two and perhaps even catch a bit of actual beach time.

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