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globe th CopySimply spectacular in every sense, the Solomon Islands nation, an archipelago of nearly 1000 islands, is located between Papua New Guinea & Vanuatu & just less than 2000 kilometers north-east of Australia.   Born of volcanic eruptions, the Solomons continue to be volcanic in nature, with more tropical jungles & white sand beaches than human inhabitants.   This nation simply exudes a feeling of utopia – above & below the water line.    Divers can't get enough of the walls, caves & lava tunnels, the corals (hard & soft), reef fish & pelagics - not to mention the wrecks, which add a striking, magnificent beauty to the natural landscape.  

Sublime Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands diving  ...  the essentials

The Solomons experience is simply as good as it gets in the diving world ... and too few divers are aware of the riches here.

  • perfect coral reefs .... wildly colored soft corals, spectacular fans, pristine hard corals, sponges, fabulous anemones
  • caverns & pinnacles, steep walls & drift dives
  • breath-taking walls with a stellar variety of reef fish - anemone fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, lionfish
  • larger species such as humphead parrot fish, napoleon wrasse, cuttlefish, turtles & giant clams
  • plenty of dive sites with pelagics - huge, swirling masses of barracuda, big-eye trevally & pompano (jacks)
  • a plenitude of prowling resident white-tip sharks
  • graceful mantas
  • superb "muck dives" with mantis shrimp, ghost pipefish, pygmy & full-sized seahorses, porcelain crabs, hairy squat lobsters, countless nudibranchs, ribbon eels and more

Then, of course .... there are the wrecks .... the eerie remains of ships, planes, jeeps, trucks, bulldozers, barges and tons of ammunition all covered with glorious corals and tenanted by seemingly unlimited varities of marine life.

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A marine environment exquisite & unspoiled

Very few diving destinations on the planet still retain their original sense of wild and exotic adventure .... of untouched cultures and genuinely pristine underwater landscapes.  

The Solomon Islands are an exception to the rule and one of the few nations which has truly maintained its paradise ambiance and has managed to fend off, to a large degree, the incursions of modern civilization.

Amongst the impressive masses of superb corals, you will encounter the cast of characters one would expect: the pipefish, blennies, cuttlefish, octopus, shrimps, nudibranchs, porcelain crabs, hairy squat lobsters, ribbon eels and legions of others. 

But there is open water diving here, too, with heart-pounding exposure to jacks & barracudas, sharks, mantas & dolphins, whales and even Orcas, if you're lucky!

Haunting Guadalcanal

The Solomon Islands will surely be known well into the future for Guadalcanal and its strategic importance in the fierce push during World War II against the Japanese.  The war turned here in favor of the allied forces.

Strangely, the Solomon Islands would have offered divers magnificent opportunities had this war never been fought, but the offensive that was launched at Guadalcanal in August of 1942 sealed the fate of the Solomons for the diving world.   The incalculable loss of sea craft & aircraft in and around this chain of islands added hauntingly beautiful wrecks to the already lush underwater habitat of the region.

There are hundreds of airplane wrecks & nearly 50 different warships, half from the allied forces, half from the Japanese forces.  While most settled into their watery graves at a depth that prohibits the average diver from exploring them, some are more easily accessible and will be a highlight of your diving experience in the Solomons - both from a historical perspective and from a perspective of sheer beauty.