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Bahamas  ...  a must-do destination for shark lovers !

Shimmering white sand.  Turquoise water.   6 to 7-foot lemon sharks mingling with 10 to 14-foot tiger sharks.    Hungry hammerheads & bull sharks skimming the white sandy bottom.   Or ... oceanic white tips at Cat Island.   It's all a WOW.    I can't wait to get back .... 

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Bahamas Tigers & Hammerheads

Bahamas Dolphin Dream Great Deals Set 2 475x425Tiger Sharks & Great Hammerheads
Aboard Dolphin Dream & Shear Water
January & February trips
Very limited spaces   ..  $2950 - $4190

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Its up close & personal with magnificent Tiger Sharks & Bimini Great Hammerheads ... plus lemon sharks, bull sharks & reef sharks who wander in to see what's up. There are several resident Tigers, ranging up to 12 feet in length, but it's the 17-foot Emma most people are waiting to see.  Trips leave from West Palm Beach, Florida.  It's an unbelievable adrenaline rush.

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Bahamas Aggressor - angelfish to reef sharks

Bahamas Aggressor Great Deals Set 475x425

2018 Dive the World Club -  25% savings
Bahamas Aggressor
September 1 - 8 , 2018

The coral is alive with angelfish & butterfly fish – groupers & barracudas & tiny invertebrates. Night diving displays critters & behaviors not visible during the day.   If the weather is right, you'll visit Nassau's mysterious Lost Blue Hole surrounded by coral heads, stingrays and schools of fish.  There is a lobster filled crevice & in the surrounding sand, divers will find lots of small treasures.

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