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Fiji ... the Soft Coral Capital of the World

You canrevel in the luscious soft corals and lounge on the white sands of a luxury resort .... or go for the rush of Beqa Lagoon bull sharks !   Fiji is simply the perfect holiday destination and also offers some delicious diving.    Questions ?    Send us a note and we'll get back to you asap   ......  Cheers, Dom

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Fiji Siren save 20%

Fiji Siren Great Deals 475x425 Save 20% - now €2396
August 25 - September 4    10 nights
Regular rate €2995 (euros)
Free beer & nitrox
Book by June 30 / deposit by July 15

Fiji is renowned for her stunning soft corals but divers here can also expect to see a variety of sharks & rays, schools of fish & plenty of smaller creatures.  Drift dives, often with strong current, over steep walls & pinnacles add a thrill.  But, you'll spend plenty of time in sheltered lagoons & coral gardens not to mention going ashore for a traditional ceremony.

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Fiji Aggressor ... Save 25% in 2018

Fiji Aggressor 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 3 opt25% Savings
January 20 - 27 &  March 17 - 24

For an extraordinary 20-night adventure which includes 7 nights on the Fiji Aggressor .... see our Unique Adventures section .....

Fiji Aggressor is a charming way to see Fiji.  With just 10 guests on board, you'll never find yourself fighting other divers for space to photograph a pygmy seahorse!  You'll explore the reefs, bommies & walls, enjoy the drift dives with eagle rays, mantas, turtles, sharks & giant groupers. Plus, you can experience some of Fiji’s culture with a visit to a remote island, a Kava ceremony & warrior dance for which you'll wear a traditional sulu ! 

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Nai'a ... Final summer spaces

Fiji Naia GR Deals 475x425 new 02 17 optLast Minute Spaces
aboard lovely Nai'a
7-night itinerary  ... $3875
July 8 - 15

This is simply one of our all-time favorite liveaboards.  Family-owned & operated, Nai'a boasts 14 crew who understand discerning divers & share their passion for adventure, exploration & great company!  This family feeling brings divers back again & again & again.  With countless reefs & lagoons available to explore, you are unlikely to encounter another dive boat during a NAI'A trip - it will feel like your own private pristine Fiji.

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