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French Polynesia ...  the ultimate pass diving

Divine lagoons with crystal clear water & languid atmosphere contrast dramatically with vertical ocean drop-offs & supersonic passes, where you drift-dive with manta rays & schools of sharks racing past you.  Pure adventure diving.  A destination NOT to miss!   Contact us with questions  ... Cheers, Dom

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French Polynesia Master - 25% Savings

Fr Poly Master Gr Deals Set 475x425 3 opt Save 25% on select dates
+ book 6 & get one free
10 night tripss
September 10 ... September 27 ... December 6

regular rate from $5975 now from $4481

Wondrous dive sites where hundreds of hungry sharks gather to be joined by manta rays & bottle-nosed dolphins.  Diving Rangiroa's reefs & channels you can expect to see grey reef, great hammerhead, black tip, silky, tiger & silver tip shark species, schools of snapper & fusiliers. Drift diving the channel at North Fakarava brings incredible shark action.

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Small groups
1/2  &  full-boat charters

x Family of 4 Divers

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up to 2 free spaces on full charter
free space for a group leader if possible

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