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French Polynesia ...  the ultimate pass diving

Divine lagoons with crystal clear water & languid atmosphere contrast dramatically with vertical ocean drop-offs & supersonic passes, where you drift-dive with manta rays & schools of sharks racing past you.  Pure adventure diving.  A destination NOT to miss!   Contact us with questions  ... Cheers, Dom

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French Polynesia - July Spawning Expedition

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Save $2000 ... now $3999
1 remaining space   Rangiroa to Fakarava
July 2 - 12,  2017
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Once a year, groupers come together in a colossal aggregation in the south pass of Fakarava to spawn on the day of the full moon.   With numbers in some years exceeding 20,000 groupers, biologists believe it to be the ocean's biggest aggregation of large reef fish.   In 2014, Laurent Ballesta and his team recorded over 700 sharks feasting in the spawning sessions.   This phenomenon in the blue pristine waters of the South Pacific is unique in the world.

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French Polynesia - Last Minute 25% Savings

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July 12 - 19 
Fakarava & the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Wondrous dive sites where hundreds of hungry sharks gather to be joined by manta rays & bottle-nosed dolphins.  Diving Rangiroa's reefs & channels you can expect to see grey reef, great hammerhead, black tip, silky, tiger & silver tip shark species, schools of snapper & fusiliers. Drift diving the channel at North Fakarava brings incredible shark action.

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French Polynesia - Marbled Grouper Spawning 2018

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Marbled Grouper Spawning Trip
June 20 - 30, 2018
from 4450 €  maximum 8 divers

Aqua Tiki has been offering grouper spawning trips since 1997 & they know the ropes like few others.  This delightful catamaran sails you away through the enchanting Tuamotus to experience a unique & staggering natural phenomenon. Tens of thousands of groupers on their annual spawning journey are met by hundreds of hungry sharks.  You can expect up to 7 shark species ... plus dolphins, mantas & plenty of colorful reef fish.  The Aqua Tiki is for divers with a desire for the true sense of Polynesian escape!

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