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French Polynesia ...  the ultimate pass diving

Divine lagoons with crystal clear water & languid atmosphere contrast dramatically with vertical ocean drop-offs & supersonic passes, where you drift-dive with manta rays & schools of sharks racing past you.  Pure adventure diving. 

A destination not to miss ! Contact me.  I'll tell you about some of the most thrilling diving I've done  ....  Cheers, Dom  

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Exotic Marquesas aboard French Polynesia Master

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April 22 - May 2
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Diving amongst the dramatic sea mounts, caves & walls ... in strong currents .... with hundreds of pelagics is a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Although you may find the visibility can be relatively low ...  due to the concentration of nutrients in the water ... this concentration of nutrients, of course, is what brings in all of these incredible creatures in great numbers.   Not to be missed !

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Last Minute ... Venture into the Passes - Fakarava to Rangiroa

Fr Polynesia Itemata Gr Deals Set 475x425 optLast minute spaces
Itemata catamaran
15 extraordinary nights  
March 29 - April 13
from $5712 €  (euros) per diver

North Fakarava is the largest pass in Polynesia & South Fakarava, called "Tetamanu", is the meeting place for gray sharks.  Its coral garden, Kauehi, is filled with Napoleons. You'll visit rarely explored atolls with concentrations of surgeonfish and finish off with Tiputa's pass at Rangiroa, recognized as one of the most exciting passes in the world.  

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Idyllic Polynesia aboard Lovely Aqua Tiki

Fr Polynesia Aqua Tiki 475x425 Gr Deals Composite Last minute spaces
Aqua Tiki
Fakarava / Tiputa
May 12 - 23
from 4592€  (euros)

Picture yourself on a catamaran floating through the idyllic islands of the Tuamotu Atoll in French Polynesia.  This diving expedition on Aquatiki II is in north Tuamotu, beginning and ending in Fakarava. The highlights of the trip include walls of gray sharks, an insane abundance of colorful fish, manta rays, beautiful reefs and heavenly lagoons.

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