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Indonesia ... magical archipelago ... bountiful wonders ... unending discovery

Splendid wall dives, captivating colors, diverse schools of reef fish, healthy coral & sponge gardens,  the world's best "muck" diving & large predators, too!  Calm waters, ripping currents & even a bit of wreck diving.   Are you ready?    Drop us a note & we'll get back to you with some ideas    ......  Cheers, Dom

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Komodo savings - 12 nights only $3500

Indonesia Mantamae 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optSave $1499 - Komodo itinerary
aboard Manta Mae
October 2 - 14, 2017
Deluxe Cabin - Regular Rate $4999
Special Rate $3500 
includes nitrox, soft drinks & beer

The lovely Mantamae takes only 6 guests - making her ideal for divers who prefer the feeling of adventure & exploration away from the hordes. Your Komodo diving cruise will offer some of the very finest of Indonesia's diving ... with plenty of exciting pelagic action, outstanding critter dives, glorious corals, drift dives .... and, of course, THOSE dragons  

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Arenui in Komodo ... last minute savings

Indonesia Arenui 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optSave 25% - final spaces
September 2017
September  4 - 15   Komodo
​September 17 - 28   Komodo Manta trip
September 30 - October 12   Komodo / Alor

For divers, Komodo is a great chance to enjoy all your favourite types of diving styles. Pack your log-book with everything from exhilarating drift dives, to treasure-hunting muck dives.... shallow reefs to deep water sea mounts .... coral gardens and fantastic wall dives to pinnacles and open ocean dives. Meet creatures great and small, from manta and mola to pygmies and nudis. 

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Indo Siren - Komodo Super Savings

Indonesia Indo Siren Komodo 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optKomodo - Save 25%
+ book 6 & get one free

September 12 – 22
10 nights: regular rate 4290 €  ...   now 3217 €

The diving in Komodo is varied.  You get shallow muck dives, sloping reefs and dark volcanic sand, sumberged pinnacles and steep reef walls.  You'll have pelagice, critters and sumptuous corals. Currents can be strong but bring with them all the delights of diving in Indonesia.  Each Siren Fleet Liveaboard Includes: twin share accommodation, up to 4 dives per day, Aqua Lung equipment rental, nitrox 32% and all meals, snacks, refreshments & beer.

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WAOW .... Komodo savings 2017

Indonesia WAOW 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 2 optKOMODO - SAVE $750
from Bali to Labuan Bajo
September 1 - 12, 2017
Now from $5658 *

* rates change based on currency exchange
   boat is priced in Swiss Francs

Black sand diving, colorful muck dives, dolphin & manta dives, challenging current dives  ... You'll revel in the colorful reefs, be thrilled by the Komodo dragon trek.  Komodo's immense variety, from muck diving to whirlpools, critters to pelagics, schooling fish to crystal clear warm water is a diver's delight.  Currents can be strong and drift dives exhilarating.

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Indo Aggressor ... savings in 2017 & 2018

Indonesia Indo Aggressor Gr Deals Set 475x425 3 opt Aggressor End of Summer Savings
save $400
any available trip through February 28, 2018
Book & deposit by August 28

Also .... Save $700 in December
December 2 - 12 .... December 14  -24
December 26 - January 2
book by September 4

Komodo has more than 1000 fish species, 260 coral species & 70 sponge species. Sharks, manta rays, whales & dolphins also make this area their home plus you get some great macro opportunities. This trip will be led by renowned underwater photographer, Mark Strickland who will be sharing his knowledge & techniques for the best images.

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Dewi Nusantara - save $1000 in Raja Ampat

Indonesia Dewi Nusantara Gr Deals Set 3 475x425 optSave $1000 - 1 final space
October 7 - 18
11 nights

Now $5325 + park fees

One of our all-time favorites  ... elegant & luxurious but deliciously relaxed. She features the high-end amenities of the finest boutique liveaboards.   With hundreds of islands and an astounding diversity of habitats, a Raja Ampat diving cruise translates to wildly different diving experiences from pelagic drift dives to magic muck dives and even some habitats that are special to Raja Ampat such as clear water mangroves with corals growing right next to them!

Dewi Nusantara details

WAOW .... "Gems of Alor" itinerary +++

Indonesia WAOW 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 2 optSave $1000 in Alor
September 15 - 25  - Alor
now from $4830 *

Save $500 in Banda Sea & Raja Ampat
October 13 - 25   - Banda Sea
October 28 - November 8  - Raja Ampat
Now from $5920

East of Komodo in the tropical waters of the Flores Sea, you'll experience all of WAOW's inimitable 5-star service.   The itinerary includes pristine reefs, rare critters, unspoiled dive sites, drifts along the walls, pelagic action & sightseeing,  Dive sites vary from calm, clear water dives to drift & adrenalin dives. Currents can be strong especially between channels.   What's not to get excited about ?

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* rates change based on currency exchange - boat is priced in Swiss Francs

Raja Ampat & Indo Aggressors ... Save in 2018

Indonesia Raja Ampat Aggressor GR Deals 475x425 new 02 17

2018 Dive the World Club - Save 25%
Raja Ampat itinerary
Raja Ampat Aggressor
April 12 – 24  &  June 4 - 16

Komodo Deep South - Indo Aggressor
January 4 - 14  &  July 28 - August 7

These itineraries on the Raja Ampat Aggressor & Indo Aggressor offer the best diving of Raja Ampat and Komodo .... filled with pelagics, corals, muck, critters and scads of fish.  The Deep South itinerary is unique and special.  Read about it on our Indonesia page.

Raja Ampat Aggressor details
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WAOW .... Komodo savings 2018

Indonesia WAOW 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optKOMODO - SAVE $500
9 & 10-night 2018 Komodo trips
from May 13 to September 3, 2018
now from $4905 *

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* rates change based on currency exchange
   boat is priced in Swiss Francs

Blue lagoons teeming with fish & some of the most spectacular underwater scenery in the world. The underwater topography is as varied as the marine life it protects. Dive sites vary from volcanic black sand, slight sloping, silty sand and gravel bottom composition, gentle coral slopes to sheer cliff walls and a host of hard and soft corals with scads of critters and plenty of pelagics.

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