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Maldives ... idyllic coral atolls ...  engaging manta rays, sharks & whalesharks, too

Reefs, pinnacles, and intriguing channels ... ripping currents ... colourful soft corals ... beautiful schools of colorful fish ... hammerheads, reef sharks and eagle rays .... whalesharks, mantas virtually guaranteed ... plus some great macro dives..  

Questions ?  We can help you sort out which boat, which itinerary & when to go  ......  Cheers, Dom

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NEW Maldives Aggressor ... Introductory Savings & more

Maldives NEW Aggressor II Gr Deals Set 475x425

Introductory offer
Save $400

travel from December 3, 2017 - June 28, 2018

Save 25% in 2018
March 28 - April 4  ...  7 nights from $2047

The new 135-foot Maldives Aggressor II features a wide beam & capacity for up to 22 divers.  She offers Best of Maldives & Far South Atolls itineraries.   Best of Maldives cruises include everything Maldives is known for: from tiny critters to big schools of snappers & fusiliers the reef sharks, manta rays and whale sharks which can be seen all year round.

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Carpe Novo ... 2017 Savings

Maldives Carpe Novo Gr Deals Set 475x425 2 Save $433 per person
Carpe Novo
December 2 & December 16

Dives in the Maldives are 100 feet or less in depth.   Diving around the thilas which rise from the bottom to a coral-encrusted, flat-ish top is similar to wall diving.  Often the safety stop is done at the top of the thila, which allows you to continue diving during the safety stop. Due to these geologial formations, most dives include blue water action in addition corals & critters & reef fish.  

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Carpe Vita Explorer - 2017 savings

Maldives Carpe Vita 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 2 opt

Save $420 on Carpe Vita
7 nights

November 26
December 3 

Your underwater adventures in the Maldives will include sea mounts (called thilas) which are found outside & inside channels. Those inside the channel normally have a strong current & the most interesting sea life.  Diving around the thilas, which rise from the bottom to a coral-encrusted top between 10 and 50 feet in circumference, is similar to wall diving. You'll get big animals and critters, too! 

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