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Maldives ... idyllic coral atolls ...  engaging manta rays, sharks & whalesharks, too

Reefs, pinnacles, and intriguing channels ... colourful soft corals ...hammerheads, reef sharks, whalesharks, mantas and eagle rays .... plus some great macro dives..   Questions for us ?    Use the contact form to send us a note   ......  Cheers, Dom

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Carpe Novo ... 2017 Savings

Maldives Carpe Novo Gr Deals Set 475x425 2 Anniversary sale ... Save $800
7 nights  from $1520
August 19  ...  September 9  ...  September 16

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November 25   &   December 2
December 9   &   December 16
December 23
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Dives in the Maldives are 100 feet or less in depth.   Diving around the thilas which rise from the bottom to a coral-encrusted, flat-ish top is similar to wall diving.  Often the safety stop is done at the top of the thila, which allows you to continue diving during the safety stop. Due to these geologial formations, most dives include blue water action in addition corals & critters & reef fish.   Carpe Novo details

Carpe Vita Explorer - Save up to $800

Maldives Carpe Vita 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 2 opt

Anniversary sale ... Save $800
7 nights  from $1520
July 16  ...  July 23  ...  July 30
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December 17 - 27

Your underwater adventures in the Maldives will include sea mounts (called thilas) which are found outside & inside channels. Those inside the channel normally have a strong current & the most interesting sea life.  Diving around the thilas, which rise from the bottom to a coral-encrusted top between 10 and 50 feet in circumference, is similar to wall diving. You'll get big animals and critters, too!   Carpe Vita Explorer details

Duke of York ... Manta Trust Program

Maldives Duke of York Manta Trust Gr Deals Set 475x425 optManta Trust Expedition
Duke of York at Baa & Ari Atolls 
September 4 - 11  &  October 16 - 23   
7-night trips
$1980 + Green tax $42 + free Nitrox

Timed to coincide with the strongest monsoon winds & lunar currents, which influence the movements & feeding habits of manta rays, this trip will use the knowledge of Manta Trust experts to find the feeding aggregations, identify the individuals & allow divers to immerse themselves in a manta feeding-frenzy.  The luxurious Duke of York provides all the creature-comforts you desire while on this unique adventure.  

Duke of York details

Manta Trust info at bottom of page

Maldives Master Save 20% in November & December

Maldives Master Gr Deals Set 475x425 optSave 20% on Maldives Master
7-night trips
November 13 - 20
Pelagic Encounters  now $1680
November 21 - 28
Magical Maldives now $1680
12-night trip
November 30 - December 13
Central Atolls & Beyond now $2880

Currents are the norm in the Maldives so it is recommended that divers have experience beyond beginner level to ensure maximum enjoyment. Submerged pinnacles (thilas) in clear blue water offer the chance for larger pelagics, while there are relaxing drift dives along the outer walls of the atoll for those who love coral covered vistas.

Maldives Master details

Manta Trust Program

Manta Trust Logo large optWhat is the Manta Trust & what are Manta Trust Expeditions?

The Manta Trust takes a multidisciplinary approach to the worldwide conservation of manta rays and their habitat through dedicated science and research projects.

One core focus of the Manta Trust expeditions is ensuring that divers leave at the end of the trip with an increased awareness of the threats facing the manta population worldwide ...  as well as increased knowledge of how to help.

On-board workshops allow divers to develop the skills necessary to identify the animals they see on a Manta Trust trip ... and to continue the work on future dive trips by submitting photos on-line to the Manta Trust’s global database.

The Manta Trust operates projects all around the world in top manta ray dive destinations. At each of these locations the project leaders have the expertise to ensure that divers receive an enriching experience.

We will bring you 2018 Manta Trust Expeditions as soon as possible .... but, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information in the meantime.

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