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PNG ... the ultimate Underwater Photographer's Paradise

Plunging vertical drop-offs & walls, astonishing corals, mind-boggling critters, blue-water pelagics & solemn wreckage from a distant world war ... all a stone’s throw from shore.  There's no better diving anywhere.  

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Last minute FeBrina

Papua New Guinea FeBrina 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optFinal spaces until April
January 5 - 13
regular rate $4590
8 nights

Pristine, colourful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean & invertebrate life.  Many reefs have resident schools of barracuda, tuna & jacks. A range of shark species are regularly sighted, including hammerheads & silvertips. A resident pod of dolphins frequently entertains divers.  The occasional sightings of orca, pilot whales, whale sharks & other marine life always delight for divers.

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Fabulous charter-only vessel

wellenreng 360x240

Traditional styling
Superb cuisine
Raja Ampat, Komodo, Alor
Perfect for families
and small groups

Wellenreng for 6 divers

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