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Philippines ... year-round warm water diving ... astonishing range of marine life

Everything from superb muck & macro sites to wild pelagic encounters (reef sharks, whale sharks & thresher sharks .... tuna & barracuda galore)  .... with stunning corals ..... and some excellent wrecks thrown into the mix.   

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Atlantis Azores Last Minute Wrecks

Philippines Atlantis Azores 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optApo Reef & Wrecks of Coron
January 6 & January 13
7 night trips aboard Atlantis Azores
@ $3595

Atlantis Azores latest exciting itinerary is to the sunken World War II wrecks of Coron Bay via Apo Reef. A typical charter starts with two days of exploring the 34 mile long reef system of Apo Reef, often referred to by many as a “mini-Tubbataha”.   Next it's Coron Bay where 24 Japanese ships were sunk on September 24, 1944 by the US Navy; you will have an opportunity to dive the best of these taking in both the unique history of the area and the amazing fish and coral life that now cover the wrecks.

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Malapascua & Visayas on Philippine Siren ...

Philippine Siren Malapascua 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optLast minute Malapascua
January 13
12 nights  -  $5030
January 26  &  February 6
10 night trips - $4200

In Malapascua & the Visayas, a mix of macro critters, thresher sharks & manta rays really gets divers’ blood boiling.  The topography ranges from dark volcanic sand to steep reef walls laden with sea fans & sponges and you'll get white tip reef sharks & blue spotted sting rays, passes with grey reef sharks & wahoo, then "relaxed" dives with massive schools of bannerfish, triggerfish, butterflyfish & fusiliers.

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