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Philippines ... year-round warm water diving ... astonishing range of marine life

Everything from superb muck & macro sites to wild pelagic encounters (reef sharks, whale sharks & thresher sharks .... tuna & barracuda galore)  .... with stunning corals ..... and some excellent wrecks thrown into the mix.    Questions?   Just send us a note    ......  Cheers, Dom

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Atlantis Azores ... 2 very special trips

Philippines Azorez Gr Deals Set 475x42510 nights - Cebu to Malapascua
only $4700
including 3 nights at an Atlantis Hotel
+ free nitrox
October 21 - 31  &  November 1 - 11
10 nights on the boat + 3 resort nights

The spacious, beautiful Atlantis Azores will typically offer 5 dives per day and you'll be treated to pygmy sea horses, strange devilfish, even stranger looking stonefish & a weird array of other creatures. Add to that massive sardine shoals, amazing schools of jacks & a superb whale shark snorkel.   The Dumaguete or Puerto Galera Resorts make perfect add-ons ....

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Malapascua & Visayas ... Philippine Siren Save 20%

Philippines Siren 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 2 optMalapascua & the Visayas - Save 20%
August 6 - 16  ...  10  nights
Book by June 30 / confirm by July 15

Dive Cabilao Island, where steep reef walls are covered with sea fans, corals & sponges filled with pygmy seahorses & frogfishs.  At Balicasag, dive with turtles, schools of jacks, barracuda & snapper.  In the dark sand slopes of Dauin you'll find a myriad of tiny odd shaped bottom dwellers from robust ghost pipefish, waspfish & skeleton shrimps.  Malapascua is one of the few dive spots in the world where the shy pelagic thresher sharks may be seen on a daily basis ... and their friends here include white tip sharks, critters & a great wreck dive.

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