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Egypt & Sudan ... diving's eternal classics

It would be easier to describe what is NOT in the Red Sea than what IS here.  Schooling hammerheads, flying manta rays, oceanic white tips are some of the Big Guys .... the corals are phenomenal,  the fish & critters abound, the water is clear & the wrecks are great.   Questions ?    Send us a note   ......  Cheers, Dom

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September 2 - 9 ...  October 14 - 21
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The southern itinerary includes extensive reefs and coral gardens. Coral tunnels and caverns for divers to explore, plus deep dives on walls to see schools of barracuda and big-eye trevally ...  and sharks as well.  The Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone itinerary offers pinnacle islands,with walls plummeting hundreds of feet vertically down, without any sandy beaches or shallow reefs around.   Surrounded by open ocean, chances of spotting big game, such as rays, sharks, and other pelagic predators, are very high.    

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March 10 - 17  &  December 22 - 29

Indonesia,  Truk Lagoon,
Polynesia,  Socorro  +++

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