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Egypt & Sudan ... diving's eternal classics

It would be easier to describe what is NOT in the Red Sea than what IS here.  Schooling hammerheads, flying manta rays, oceanic white tips are some of the Big Guys .... the corals are phenomenal,  the fish & critters abound, the water is clear & the wrecks are great.  

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Red Sea Aggressor II ... northern Red Sea itineraries

RS Aggressor II Gr Deals Set 475x425 optOnly $1165 per person
Red Sea Aggressor II
July 28, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Save 25% in 2018
Red Sea Aggressor II
August 18 - 25 

The itinerary starts from Hurghada and travels to Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran.  Just off shore lives thousands of species of fish in beautiful crystal clear water with coral gardens, historical shipwrecks, breath-taking soft corals, and pinnacles. 

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Red Sea Aggressor I & II back-to-back trips in 2018

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northern & southern Red Sea
14 Days  ...  $3799

Red Sea Aggressor I - southern itinerary
Red Sea Aggressor II - northern itinerary

Spend a week diving the northern Red Sea and southern Red Sea for 14 days for only $3799.  Guests will spend 7 nights on each yacht.   Rate is valid for travel in 2018.   The Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone itinerary offers pinnacle islands, walls plummeting hundreds of feet vertically.  Surrounded by open ocean, chances of spotting big game, such as rays, sharks, and other pelagic predators, are very high.

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