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Dance with mantas at Socorro .... stare down a great white at Guadalupe

At Socorro, from November to July, unforgettable encounters with Pacific mantas, the largest of the planet's ray family ..... In Guadalupe, during the summer months, the "rowdy" males arrive in anticipation of the female migration in September.  Let the fun begin!    

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Nautilus Explorer, Nautilus Under Sea

Socorro Nautilus Belle Amie 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 32018 early season trips
Nautilus Undersea
January 3 - 11

from $2498 in triple cabin
Nautilus Explorer
January 16 - 24
from $3095 in triple cabin
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Imagine being surrounded by 5 to 10 Giant Mantas with wingspans of 22 feet. The Socorro mantas seek interaction with divers & stick around as long as there are divers in the water.  Apparently they just like to see what the strange rubber-clad creatures are doing in their world !  The bottlenose dolphins have adopted a similar interaction style.  Enjoy these along with sharks galore.

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Rocio del Mar ... early Socorro season

Socorro Rocio del Mar Gr Deals Set 475x425 optEarly season spaces
Rocio del Mar
January 8 - 16
  -  8 nights
January 28 - February 5
Photo Tour - $3595 + Marine Park $28
January 18 - 26  -  10 nights

The ocean's large pelagics congregate in this location due to the isolated nature of the islands in the midst of the Pacific ocean.  The underwater topography consists of rocky outcroppings, boulders and some walls.  There isn't much coral, as the water is cool .... but, who needs anything more than those magical giant mantas, curious & playful dolphins ... and 7 species of sharks ? 

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Solmar V ... hard to find Socorro spaces

Socorro Solmar V NEW GR Deals 472x425Rare available spaces on Solmar V 
January 6 - 14
January 27 - February 4
8 nights    $3599  & $3699 + 16% tax

The owners & crew of Solmar V have been been interacting with the mantas since 1992 and the mantas appear to love the respectful interaction with humans.    Plus, there are at least 7 species of sharks & pods of bottle-nose dolphins, immense schools of tuna, wahoo, jacks & many other big critters.   

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