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Solomon Islands ... Utopia found  ...  an alluring step back in time

Caverns & reefs, walls & bommies, huge sea fans & soft corals, immense swirls of pelagic fish & macro delights (pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, mandarin fish, mantis shrimps, so much more).    And, of course, the somber beauty of the WWII  wrecks.  

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One of the first stops in the Russell Islands will be the world famous Leru Cut. This canyon juts into the landmass and offers spectacular photography. Outside of the cut is a fabulous wall teeming with fish life. We will spend several days in this island group exploring the myriad of dive sites.  You'll have everything from exquisite critters to white tip & black tip reef sharks, white spotted eagle rays ... and, of course, the wrecks.

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Ever-popular Bilikiki offers the best of Solomons diving.  The walls, reefs, pinnacles & coral gardens of  support an amazing variety and quantity of sea creatures.   The varieties of fish are staggering.  You'll fine anemone fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, humphead parrot fish and other reef dwellers while just a short distance away you spy schools of barracuda, big-eye trevally and other prowling pelagics cruising in the blue waters.   Add to that some world-class muck dives and the eerie & powerful WWII wrecks .... and you have a diver's paradise. 

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