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Tempting Thailand ... delicious corals & seasonal pelagics

Wonderful walls, drift dives, hidden caves & crevices tucked into limestone rocks  ....  mantas & whale sharks, in season .... plenty of pelagic fish ... an assortment of macro critters hidden amongst wildly colored soft & hard corals, enormous fans.        

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Thailand offers .... 2017 & 2018

Thailand Yacht hottub2018 Dive the World Club - Save 25%
Thailand Aggressor
November 3 - 10

The Thailand Aggressor has all of the usual amenities of the Aggressor Fleet, ensuring a vacation spirit will envelop you as a pampered guest on the boat.                                                                                                                  read more

The lush, vividly hued soft corals & gigantic sea fans of the Andaman Sea ..surround you while quest for leopard sharks, whitetip & blacktip reef sharks.  And, you'll find a variety of marine life from large to small .... stingrays, guitar rays, leopard sharks  ....large schools of trevallies & barracudas.    pufferfish, lionfish, parrotfish & clownfish .... nudibranchs, pipefish, crabe & shrimps ... plus quite a variety of moray eels.  In the spring, you're likely to have the added treat of migrating whale sharks & manta rays.

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Mystical lands, mythical seas ...

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Sharks, caves, caverns, schooling fish, unusual macro life ...  steep walls & rocks covered with corasl & fans.   A wealth of aquatic life to delight divers & photographers.

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