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A note from Dom

Every special expedition here is my own personal "Dream Trip".   If I could be out there diving all of the time, I wouldn't miss even one of these special voyages, but, alas, I have to leave most of them to you !   These's a trip to whet the appetite of nearly every diver, covering virtually every "corner" of the globe. ...   click to continue reading  ...

You'll find the Marquesas ... Cuba  ....  Norway Orcas  ...  the Solomon Islands  ...  Galapagos  ...  Socorro & Guadalupe  ...  a variety of whale & shark trips ... The list is long.  Pick your poison .... and happy reading!

If you have any questions or want to book a trip just send me a quick email. I'm always at your service . . . Cheers, Dom

Swim with whales
our hottest trend

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Swim with Orcas - Norway
Dive with Humpbacks- Socorro
Blue & sperm whales - Sri Lanka
Humpbacks - Silver Bank & Tonga
+ more  ...

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Encounter magnificent
ocean pelagics

Maldives Manta Close 2 Divers Behind dreamstime m 31986260 opt

10-14 night Galapagos cruises
Swimimg with whales
Astonishing shark encounters
Whale sharks of Cenderawasih
+ more ...

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