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Some of the planet's finest diving

The Wild Side:  Cocos Island  ...  Galapagos  ...  Guadalupe, Mexico ...  Malpelo  ...  Tiger Beach
The Mild Side:  French Polynesia  ...  Raja Ampat, Indonesia  ...  Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

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Glorious Galapagos ... Experience the thrills

Galapagos hammerhead school shutterstock 462517729 Copy opt
Dive Advice  .... Our Passion is Galapagos
Prime Whale Shark season .... some trips with up to $1500 savings
Galapagos Master ...  Humboldt Explorer 
...  Galapagos Aggressor ...
Savings valid for new bookings only
  - spaces are limited

Galapagos is rocking at the moment !   The animals are all back in force after a short hiatus during the el Nino period.  We're getting reports that the action is breathtaking.  See the trip report below from one of our recent charters and check out our 2017 charters and detailed itineraries.

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Majestic Malpelo 2017 ... Yemaya's final year at Malpelo

Malpelo Silky shark opt
Dive Mystical Malpelo on one of our charters
Malpelo - final space now 50% off
7 dive days
at Malpelo
10 nights aboard MV Yemaya
July 15 - 25 - 1 female space
Now $2241 + $560 park fees

See 2017 October Malpelo / Cocos combination trip

Due to a change in Colombia regulations, the Yemaya and Inula will cease operations to Malpelo at the end of 2017.    We  currently know of no boats scheduled to replace them for diving Malpelo.   Join Dive Advice Travel on this 10-night odyssey to spectacular Malpelo Island.

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Regal Raja Ampat

Indonesia Raja Ampat hot pink corals shutterstock 131893106 Copy opt
Indonesia's King of Diving
Raja Ampat aboard the elegant Dewi Nusantara   (from Sorong to Sorong)
October 7 - 18, 2017     11 nights   
Regular rates from $6325 + $255 port & park fees

Raja Ampat, which in Indonesian means "The Four Kings", is indeed a regal region.  The fish shimmer .... the corals sparkle ... the mantas take flight ... and the utterly unbelievable tiny creatures of the sea mystify the diver who takes time to seek them out ....  Get ready to be "wowed" at every turn !

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Great Thrills ... Great Whites

Guadalupe perfect great white shutterstock 544592266 opt
Find yourself nose-to-nose with up to three 17-foot Great Whites
Join our charter on the fabulous Nautilus Explorer   Save $300
September 24 - 30    6 night trips

egular rates from $3354

The great whites will often stay with you for hours at the Pacific Island of Guadalupe.  Yep. Thank goodness for those cages!  There are several destinations for Great Whites around the world, but the extraordinary visibility & the intense blue water of Guadalupe make it truly unique.

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Silver Bank, Dominican Republic .... Humpback Whales

Humpback mother calf close shutterstock 304515914 opt
Immerse yourself with majestic mammals
January 27 - February 3, 2018
aboard Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

From $3695 + Sanctuary & Port Fees

Many of the places where humpback whales congregate are too cold and/or the water is too rough for rewarding encounters.   The Silver Bank area is one of the few places in the world where humans can have close encounters with humpbacks.   In addition, the Silver Banks’ warm, clear water is makes it ideal for viewing and photographing these magnificent creatures.

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Beguiling Bahamas .... Tigers, Hammers & Bulls

Bahamas Bimini hammerhead lookinup shutterstock 249855898 opt
Dive Advice does Tiger Beach & Bimini
March 30 - April 6, 2019
Aboard NEW Bahamas Master

$2900 Standard / $3200 Premier / $3650 Deluxe

For videos and still photographs Tiger Beach is just fantastic.  Clear water and an underwater sand beach create the environment for incredibly clean and graphic photographs.  6–7 foot lemon sharks mingling with 10-14 foot tiger sharks.  Get up close and personal in the water with these magnificent creatures at Tiger Beach, Bahamas.  Then cruise over into the waters surrounding Bimini Island to test your courage when facing great hammerheads and bull sharks.  Yowza!

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Charismatic Cocos ... Island of Sharks

Red lipped Batfish e1450380192526 Copy
Voyage to Incomparable Cocos Island in 2018
$6295 + $490 Park fee
August 9 - 19, 2018
aboard MV Argo

Thanks to the breathtaking marine life in its waters, Cocos Island was named one of the ten best scuba diving spots in the world by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and a "must do" according to diving experts.  Its waters are home to at least 27 endemic fish species including the exotic rosy-lipped batfish seen above & the species on land are equally as unusual.  You'll have an opportunity to access the island to explore the verdant beauty & impressive waterfalls ... and perhaps run into a few feral pigs, remnants of long-abandoned settlements. 

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Mystical Marquesas Islands ... March 2018

Tahiti Greu Stingray shutterstock 304631618 opt
All new - explore the Marquesas in French Polynesia
March 23- April 2, 2018
10-night trip
Rates $7,250-$7,575

It's rare to spend an entire day here without seeing a manta ray. Hammerheads, too, are almost guaranteed on this cruise.  Add to that the exquisite volcanic topography, above and below the water line, and you have the makings of a mystical voyage.  The islands rise from the ocean, each like a great jack-in-the-box jumping high .... dramatic mountain peaks covered with verdant jungle and populated with vertiginous waterfalls .... while below the surface lie in waiting some of the planet's greatest pelagic creatures.

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