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pen ink well goldA note from Dom  ... Love Shark Diving ?

Yep.   We do, too !   In fact, the Dive Advice team is simply "shark-mad".    Sure, corals & critters are Great ... with a capital "G" ... but, our primary passion is pelagics  ...  and sharks in particular.   Join us here for some of our sharkiest adventures.   In this section, you'll find some of our very favorite trips .... remembering that there are oh! so many others to be found on the site.

Guadalupe Great White Sharks - Photo Expedition

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Cage Diving with Photo Pro
5-night trip aboard Nautilus Explorer  ...  September 11 - 16
led by photographer Matt Sullivan  ...  from $2795 in triple cabin

Drop down in the cage to 30 feet where the Great Whites regularly hang out and you'll observe their behavior, unenhanced by "chum".   Nautilus Explorer introduces you to the real environment of the sharks ... and your photo pro will be there to assist you to get the finest shots possible.

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Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach, Bahamas

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Tiger Beach ... Experience the magic
A year-round destination
See our Exclusive 2019 Charter - Tigers & Hammerheads -  Tiger Beach & Bimini

For videos and still photographs Tiger Beach is just fantastic.  Clear water and - an underwater sand beach which makes for incredibly clean and graphic photographs.  6–7 foot Lemon Sharks mingling with 10-14 foot Tiger Sharks.  Occasionally even a Great Hammerhead joins the fun!  Get up close and personal in the water with these magnificent creatures at Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

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Cat Island - Oceanic Whitetips

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Dive with some of the ocean's most feared predators
Cat Island, Bahamas
March to June

So, picture the Bahamas ... crystalline waters, white sand beaches, rolling green hills and a languid way of life.   It can be difficult to imagine that these islands connected to adrenaline rush!

Near Cat Island, where we go for the rush of diving with the Oceanic Whitetips, you’ll find sheer walls and drop-offs & untouched reefs plus lots of other animals.  But, there’s no question that it’s the whitetips which are the biggest drawing card.

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Charismatic Cocos ... Island of Sharks

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Voyage to Incomparable Cocos Island ... Argo in 2018  ... Okeanos in 2019

September 7 - 17, 2019  aboard Okeanos Aggressor I  ...  $5099 - $5499 + $490 park fee

Schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks  ...  immense groups of them .... often composed of hundreds of individual sharks swirling, turning, putting on a show.  Absolutely the top attraction at Cocos!   And, you'll love the cleaning stations where hundreds of sharks come to be cleaned ... and where photographers have the opportunity to get up close & personal for extraordinary shots!  Not just shots of hammerheads, but silkies, Galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks.

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Great Hammerheads & Bull Sharks

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Immerse yourself in a mysterious migration
Bimini, Bahamas
November to April
See our Exclusive 2019 Charter - Tigers & Hammerheads -  Tiger Beach & Bimini

Bull and nurse sharks are mixed in with the great hammerheads and all together they provide simply awesome action - especially, but not exclusively, for photographers.  From November to early January each year, Great Hammerheads begin to arrive in the waters around Bimini in the Bahamas. They are en masse in February and March, then disappear by the end of April.

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Great White Sharks - Cage Diving Overview

100GreatWhite Cage
Find yourself nose-to-nose with up to three 17-foot Great Whites
Guadalupe Island August through November
Australia May through January

The great whites will often stay with you for hours at the Pacific Island of Guadalupe.  Yep. Thank goodness for those cages!  There are several destinations for Great Whites around the world, but the extraordinary visibility & the intense blue water of Guadalupe make it truly unique.  If you're heading for Australia, however, you won't want to overlook the excellent programs offered by Rodney Fox .... 

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