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Each trip here is unique, special, extraordinary .... something you'll do once in your lifetime, if at all.    At a minimum, they are the stuff dreams are made of.  For a lucky few ...  they become reality.    Read and dream ... and feel free to contact us to learn more about one of these rare journeys.  And don't miss the unique adventures found on our other Special Expeditions pages ...

Great Whites, Mantas & More

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Awe-inspiring Socorro & Guadalupe combination trip
Guadalupe, San Benitos, Rocas Alijos, Socorro
15 incredible nights  ...  on Nautilus Belle Amie  (San Diego to Cabo San Lucas)
November 16 - December 1
from $6670 – 4 spaces

Picture yourself "face-to-face" with a giant Pacific manta ray.   Imagine your delight when this wildly exotic animal seems to want to engage you in "play" underwater.  Suppose you're a photographer and you find yourself surrounded by mantas slowly floating past, as if on clouds .... and you have time to catch them "on film" preserving the moment forever.  

Whew.  It's a lot to envision .... but all of that and the pounding excitement of cage diving with the powerful Great White sharks of Guadalupe Island can be yours.   Only 2 spaces remaining.   Don't ruminate too long  .....

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Scintillating Southern Visayas, Philippines

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Special "Bio-trip"
With marine biologist Constanze Conrad
Aboard SY Philippine Siren
November 2 - 12, 2017
    3550 € (euros)  + fees

Apart from experiencing the best dive sites in the Philippines, marine biologist Constanze Conrad will accompany you, offering tailor-made seminars to share her knowledge about the complex ecosystem of the specific dive sites you are diving each day.

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Galapagos Sky - Mantas and Mola-Mola

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Rare Offer - Save 25%
aboard Galapagos Sky - and in December to boot
December 3 - 10   &   December 17 - 24
now $4421 twin deluxe + $4571 Master cabin + free nitrox

The beautiful "Sky" has cruised the islands of this archipelago since 2001, providing divers with extraordinary experiences & onboard amenities amongst the very finest in the diving world.   Join her in December - an early holiday gift to yourself!  Grab ahold of this rare offer - 25% savings - before it disappears!

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Glorious 10 & 14-night trips in Galapagos

Galapagos Whale Shark, Diver Following
2018 extended trips
Aboard Galapagos Master
See 2018 dates below

Does a 7-day itinerary in Galapagos seem a bit insufficient to you?   Each year there are limited opportunites to join an extended trip, mainly 10-day voyages, but occasionally an exotic 14-night itinerary.   On a 10-night voyage, you can expect up to 30 dives in these enchanted waters and on a 14-night voyage even more.   Plus, you'll enjoy additional land visits with added exposure to Darwin's fantastical Galapagos species.

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Ever considered swimming with whales?   Discover the possibilites.  See Focus on Whales .....
Or perhaps a Photo Expedition with one of the top underwater photo pros ?

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