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Unique Adventures

Each trip here is unique, special, extraordinary .... something you'll do once in your lifetime, if at all.  At a minimum, they are the stuff dreams are made of.  For a lucky few ...  they become reality.

The Exotica of Diving

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Read and dream ... and feel free to contact us to learn more about one of these rare journeys.  And don't miss the unique adventures found on our Photo Expeditions page .... Southern Right Whales, Mako sharks & Blue sharks ..... Fakarava Spawning Expedition ... Cuba Sharks & Crocs ...

Dragons, Sharks & Pygmies

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Playground of the Dragons
Komodo aboard the intimate & charming Manta Mae  - maximum 6 divers
Deluxe Cabin - Regular Rate $5500
Special Rate $4499
Upgrade to Master Cabin: $500

Komodo has long been on of the two most popular diving regions in incredible Indonesia.  Dramatic terrain .... shocking coral colors ... flamboyant reef fish ... large quantities of sharks & rays & big pelagic fish ... and plenty of macro life around those gorgeous corals ....  If Komodo is on your bucket list .... this is a golden opportunity !

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Fakarava Sharks & Spawning Expedition 2017

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Unique yearly event in Fakarava, French Polynesia
Sharks feasting on spawning groupers
Save $2000 - 1 final space
July 2 - 12,  2017
Now only $3999

Once a year, Groupers come together in a colossal aggregation in the south pass of Fakarava, an atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia, to spawn on the day of the full moon.   With numbers in some years exceeding 20,000 groupers, biologists believe it to be the ocean's biggest aggregation of large reef fish.   In 2014, Laurent Ballesta and his team recorded over 700 sharks feasting in the spawning sessions.   This phenomenon in the blue pristine waters of the South Pacific is found nowhere else in the world.

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Palau Wrecks Expedition

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Special Palau Wreck Diving Exedition with Tech Diving Support
Palau Siren & Sam's Tours Unique Dive Expeditions
July 26 - August 1, 2017

Siren Fleet is once again working with Sam’s Tours Unique Dive Expeditions in Palau to give you yet another superior experience in these waters.  This itinerary is specifically dedicated to dives on the best wrecks in the area, complete with wreck penetration wherever possible.  Technical diving is supported on this expedition.

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Spirit of Freedom's Far North Australia Expedition

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7 glorious days exploring the Far North Great Barrier Reef
October 16- 23, 2017 - outbound itinerary
October 23 - 30, 2017 - return voyage

A rare opportunity to dive the remote Far Northern Great Barrier Reef on the beautiful Spirit of Freedom.   These superb 7 day expeditions will traverse the coastline from Cairns to Ashmore Reef.   One of the last totally pristine areas of the Great Barrier Reef, this area is seldom visited by liveaboards, and many of the hundreds of reefs in the region are yet to be explored.  These trips happen only in the autumn each year.

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Solomon Islands 14-night Extravaganza

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14 stunning nights in a remote Paradise, the Solomon Islands
August 1 - 15, 2017
Aboard Bilikiki
$7280 per person

If your desire is to “get away from it all” we can’t imagine a more perfect choice than a trip on the Bilikiki in the Solomon Islands.  Each trip is distinctly unique and will be based on the crew’s decisions surrounding seasonal animal migrations and weather conditions. Having said that, you will find nothing but exceptional dive sites wherever you go.  Diving in the Solomons is pristine thanks to the lack of tourism and limited number of dive liveaboards and resorts.

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Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Weddell Sea

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Magical Antarctic voyages ... polar snorkeling & diving can be added
2017 & 2018
11, 12 & 18 day trips aboard Polar Pioneer

Explore the deep bays and fjords of the Antarctic Peninsula where massive glaciers flank a rugged spine of snowy mountains and you'll find scattered penguin rookeries and basking seals.  Venturing across the Antarctic Circle takes you to a frozen region of towering mountain ranges & massive blue icebergs.  Polar diving, snorkeling & kayaking are all available on some of these once-in-a-lifetime voyages.

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Galapagos 10-night trips

Galapagos Whale Shark, Diver Following
2017 & 2018 extended trips
Aboard Galapagos Master
1 remaining space - November 13 - 23
See 2018 dates below

Does a 7-day itinerary in Galapagos seem a bit insufficient to you?   Each year there are limited opportunites to join an extended trip, mainly 10-day voyages, but occasionally an exotic 14-night itinerary.   On a 10-night voyage, you can expect up to 30 dives in these enchanted waters and on a 14-night voyage even more.   Plus, you'll enjoy additional land visits with added exposure to Darwin's fantastical Galapagos species.

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Fiji ... Majestic Sharks & Corals Expedition

Fiji Coral Polyp Macro shutterstock 207063781 opt
20 incredible nights ... indisputably a Best of Fiji adventure
6 nights at Sau Bay Fiji Retreat on Taveuni (unlimited house reef diving)
7 nights aboard Fiji Aggressor liveaboard
7 nights at Beqa Lagoon Resort (4 reef dives and 6 shark dives)

Fiji, with its endless white sand beaches, turquoise water & sky-scraping palm trees is synonymous worldwide with the concept of a South Pacific paradise. Amongst in-the-know divers, Fiji stirs an adrenaline-rush with visions of swirling sharks and kaleidoscopic soft corals. 

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Arctic Adventures with Polar Snorkelling & Diving

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Arctic exploration expeditions ... polar snorkeling & diving can be included
June 2017
with Waterproof Expeditions

These expeditions take you to the far reaches of our planet ... in some of the harshest environments that exist .... though, of course, during the season which is kindest 7 most hospitable to mankind.   You will see and interact with wildlife you've never imagined it possible to come close to .... polar bears, reindeer, fur seals, walrus and narwhals, amongst others.   And, the bird life will astound.  For those of you seeking the "Final Adventure" you need look no further .....

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Ever considered swimming with whales?   Discover the possibilites.  See Focus on Whales .....
Or perhaps a Photo Expedition to Cuba with Ocean Geographic's Michael Aw.

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