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The news here at Dive Advice continues to be our new website.   We're still making changes, improvements & additions every day.  We've just recently launched our live search for liveaboard spaces ...  which will also keep growing, changing and improving, also.   And, with the recent flurry of news we can't keep up with it!   However, we've listed the newest liveaboards and destinations below and will bring you detailed information as fast as the webmaster's fingers can type it!

Preview the newest liveaboards

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Several dramatically different liveaboards in diverse locations.  Some already launched .... some coming soon

Bahamas    Bahamas Master   ...  launching March 2018
Caribbean    Roatan Aggressor .... launched June 2017
Cuba     Jardines Aggressor   ...  launched June 2017
French Polynesia     French Polynesia Master   ...   launched February 2017
Galapagos   Majestic Explorer   ...  launching March 2018
Maldives    NEW Maldives Aggressor   ...  launching September 2017
Oman    Oman Aggressor   ...  launching December 2017
Socorro & Guadalupe   Nautilus Under Sea   ...   re-launched October 2016
Truk Lagoon   Truk Master   ...   launched November 2016

You will find detailed info about all of the above ... and we're working on details for the following:
Maldives Master
Red Sea Master

Sri Lanka Aggressor no longer operating

On March 8, 2017 we received the following notice from Aggressor Fleet:

"The Sri Lanka Aggressor has faced numerous challenges on several fronts and the franchise owners have concluded that they will not be able to deliver consistently the Aggressor experience that our guests have come to expect.  The Sri Lanka Aggressor yacht will cease operations effective March 11th, 2017."   ... 

I am personally looking for other options to offer you in Sri Lanka.  It's a fabulous destination ... I had an incredible 3-week trip there in 2016 .... and will keep you posted on developments. Please contact us if you have questions or if we can advise you about other travel options in Sri Lanka.   Dominick Macan

Test the waters in the latest destinations

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New to most of us, these offer some spectacular opportunities to add to our diving portfolios:

Bikini Atoll

Bimini, Bahamas
Forgotten Islands (Indonesia)
Malapascua (Philippines)

Dabble in a bit of science ...   

      As always, we offer just a bit of science news regarding our oceans ....

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