Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

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A sad history .... a new beginning

In 1946, following the end of World War II, the United States gathered together a “mock” naval fleet in order to test the effects of atomic bomb blasts on a large naval fleet. They named it Operation Crossroads and designated Bikini Atoll to be one of the sites for the explosive tests, with the local inhabitants displaced to another atoll.  

Between 1946 and 1958, the United States tested a grand total of 67 nuclear weapons on the Marshall Islands, of which ‘Castle Bravo’ on Bikini Lagoon in 1954 is the best-known. This 15-megaton TNT hydrogen atomic bomb was a thousand times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It left a crater in the lagoon of 2 kilometres wide and 76 metres deep.  

Bikini Atoll was opened for diving in 1996, allowing divers to experience some of the most historic and unparalleled wreck diving in the world.

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Bimini, Bahamas

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Great Hammerheads and Bull Sharks

From late December/early January each year, Great Hammerheads begin to arrive in the waters around Bimini in the Bahamas.  They are en masse in February and March, then disappear by the end of April.   This is one of our newest destinations.  You can dive here with Great Hammerheads and Bull Sharks .... in the blue as well as in the turquoise, crystal clear waters near the shore.

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Gardens of the Queen ... dive into the Caribbean of yesteryear ...

This remote marine park lies 60 miles SW of Cuba.  The coral reefs here are pretty much as they were in 1492 when a certain well-known explorer cruised by and the visibility has to be seen to be believed.  Our first offering in this exciting destination was led by our business partner & forever friend, Kirsten Treais who reports that it was a fabulous voyage with superb diving. 

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Oman ... latest venue for the Aggressor Fleet

So, you've dived nearly everywhere in the world and you're wondering "Where next ... ?"  Let's talk about Oman ....

Oman offers divers multi-hued, healthy corals, rays & sharks & dolphins, huge schools of oversized fish ... a resident group of humpback whales ... and passing whale sharks.

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Forgotten Islands, Indonesia

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Exploration Diving

Isolated, almost unpopulated, this string of islands covers an extensive area of eastern Indonesia ranging from Ambon, near West Papua, to Timor – and covers something in the neighborhood of 1000 kilometers (more than 600 miles). In square miles or kilometers it is simply immense.    The Southeast Moluccas ... also known as Maluku Tenggara .... have been referred to for some years now in the diving world, as well as in the scientific world, as the Forgotten Islands.

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Malapascua, Philippines

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Sharks, Sharks, Sharks

Malapascua Island is remarkably untouristed, a throw-back to another era – with that typical dream-tropical-island look .... palms, startlingly clear waters, sumptuous beaches, laid-back welcoming islanders.

And the diving? Well, quite a different story.

Sharks rule here ... and while there is plenty of underwater variety, the sharks are what most divers come for – threshers, black tips, white tips, grey reefs, whale sharks and even the occasional hammerhead. Plus, on many dives you'll get blue-spotted sting rays and everyone's favorite, the manta rays!

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