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Hi.  I'm Dominick Macan . . . . and you're going to see my name a lot on this site because when I founded Dive Advice Travel, the mission was to give advice based on my personal & professional experience, love of travel, passion for diving, and above all concern for the oceans.   Here on the website, in each destination section you'll find that I've included some personal notes from my own experience and I hope these will help to guide you in your decision-making process.   But, I’m also available to personally assist you with information, advice and a no-nonsense approach to booking your trips. Please feel free to contact me by email, by phone or on Skype.   If I'm not in the office, one of my associates will respond to your requests and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Here's a bit of my story ... and an introduction to the rest of our team, too.

Dominick Macan opt

Crazy-cold start in the North Sea

It all started at the age of 16 when I took a winter-time British Sub Aqua Club diving course and in spite of the incredibly frigid English waters, I found myself hooked on diving!

Abundant adventure & surreal moments

In the early 80’s, four years on a legendary dive boat in the Red Sea (the Lady Jenny) gave me the opportunity to explore where few had gone before . . . We were one of only 2 boats diving there at the time and I could write an encyclopedia of our adventures !

RS Remains of the Lara opt

Many of you know the wreck of the Lara, now just twisted, rotting iron timbers disintegrating into the sea.

Well, we were there just after she'd hit the reef. We boarded her. We started her engines. We explored her deepest reaches. And we helped the BBC to film a segment about the Red Sea, part of which was filmed on the Lara. 

The beauty, the challenges, the totally unique experiences of those years lured me deeper & deeper into diving as my life's work ... and led me to dive most of the planet's richest waters and to explore many of her most exotic lands.

Let me be your guide

At this point in my life, there's nothing I prefer to sharing my knowledge and helping to build the perfect program to suit a diver's interests, skills and dreams.   Contact me and we'll get started!

I'm always at your service.    Cheers, Dom

Our team in France

Hi, I'm Wanda Allison and I've been with Dive Advice since its inception. I've always said that my first “real” adventure was hailing a taxi in New York City at 11:00 at night!  But, truth be told, adventure has found me wherever I've travelled.

The Caribbean Sea first introduced me to the wonders of the marine world ... but the cultures of the world drew me strongly, too, and I wanted to meet people, learn languages, and immerse myself in understanding history & art.  So in the late 80’s, taking a year and a half off work, I journeyed through Europe on my own, photographing and writing about my experiences with a very early DOS computer - which was, in itself, an adventure and a half!

After that came years of travel to more distant & exotic lands,: Mexico & the Yucatan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. But, I have to say, my strongest attractions were to Fiji and Indonesia ... and I've returned to each of those destinations multiple times ... and I'm not through yet!

I feel incredibly lucky that Life has taken me to such far-flung places. One of my favorite moments was holding hands with Gistock (to the left here) ... who REFUSED to be rehabilitated back into the jungle by the orangutan rehabilitation camp, so, he became "meeter & greeter" for travellers who come to see the good work being done by the rangers.

I look forward to chatting with you by email or phone to talk about your travel dreams & to plan the perfect itinerary.

I'm Isobel (Izzy) Denn and I've been with Dive Advice for the past 4 years. Crazily enough, Dom & I worked together on sister boats in the Red Sea back in the 80’s then ended up being neighbors here in the South of France!    Working together again was just a natural ....

After my Red Sea years, I went on to work on boats in the Seychelles and in the Caribbean ... then took a hiatus to bring up kids.  It feels great to be back in the industry that opened my eyes and my heart in my earlier years .... that offered so much opportunity and excitement and introduced me to so many incredible people.

I do a lot of "behind the scenes" work here at Dive Advice .... but am also Dom's Right Hand Man when he's galavanting around the world or drowning with work.   So, I also look forward to having contact with you and giving you a hand with planning your next dream trip !

Our team in California

We are partnered with the wonderful Kirsten Treais of Amazing Adventures Travel in Mill Valley, California.   Dom and Kirsten have been working together since 1993 and have been pooling resources as business partners since 2003 to bring you the best possible dive travel experiences.

Kirsten Treais

Scuba diving with friendly sharks, horseback riding through the rainforest or venturing out in a jeep surrounded by jungle animals ... ahhh, these are just a few of my favorite things!
Born in Singapore, raised in Kuwait and schooled in England, I was intrigued at an early age by the natural beauty and cultural differences in the world. I didn’t want to just observe them, I wanted to get up close and experience the people, wildlife and exciting surroundings that make each part of the world unique.

After finishing school, I had my eyes set on adventures and seeing more of the world, so I backpacked for 2 ½ years through Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. My hunger to not just see, but to “do” exciting things in far-off places continues and I get great joy in sharing those places with friends, family and clients. Even after 20+ years of extensive travel, I still find new spots that make my heart flutter.

Tuula Delaney

I had enough of the cold and dark winters as a teenager growing up in Finland and started traveling as soon I had the means. To get my fix, I worked in a student travel agency right after college, backpacking round the globe during the winter months when business was slow and working feverishly the rest of the year to make the money to travel again.
Eventually I came to the States but I’m always exploring new locations around the world. I have been to more than 50 countries and my favorite places combine local culture with natural beauty. Hiking, snorkeling, river rafting and general ogling at wildlife always makes me happy. Add to that a balmy ocean and I’m in heaven

Sandy Harford

I was bitten by the adventure bug early and I still have it; the list of places to go just gets longer. Some of my favorite destinations have been Myanmar, India, Uganda, Egypt and Tonga. I love getting out of the bubble and trying new foods, meeting the locals and creating new experiences.

I love ziplining above jungle canopies, hearing lions growling outside my tent, walking the Great Wall of China, and building sandcastles on a South Pacific beach. Life is short; experience it all. I am thrilled to have found a profession where I can pass on my love of travel by helping others plan their trips.

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