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Whales are the name of the game in Tonga ... adult humpbacks & their frisky, frolicking, adorable calves.   Everyone with a whale fascination should offer themselves this gift of wonder.  I spent 10 glorious days on the beautiful Nai'a with her incredible crew in 2018 revelling in the wonders of being within arm's distance of  humpback mothers, their calves and male escorts.   read more

The humpback whales come from Antarctica, spending a few months in Tonga for mating or giving birth to their calves, with prime time for viewing being in August and September.  I'm a long-time fan of the liveaboard trips on the stunningly beautiful SY Nai'a which have been running for years.   Word of warning, though .... these trips are so popular that they book up in an absolute flash each year. 

Nai'a offers very few trips and has many, many repeat guests who grab the spaces before they're even anounced!  It was in the fall of 2014 that I was lucky enough to get the only remaining full-boat charter for 2018!   

But happily there are a couple of resorts in Tonga which offer lovely diving and swim-with-whales trips.  We'd be happy to make arrangements for you.  But, also, if you check our Photo Expeditions page, you'll often find trips with one of our favorite photographers who will wow you with photo expertise and knowledge of the whales.

When you're ready to hear more, I'm an email away and will respond to your request with any additional details that you wish.      Cheers, Dom

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