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Where in the world would you like to dive ?

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Australia Diving

Australia fan Sergeants opt
A vast expanse of scuba diving sites. Everything from tame to treacherous. The experienced diver can find walls, channels, drift dives, big fish & pelagics in awesome variety.

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Bahamas Diving

Bahamas Tiger Shark Smile
On the wild side, get your blood pumping at Bimini with Great Hammerheads & Bull Sharks.  At Tiger Beach, immense Tiger Sharks & Lemon Sharks.  The flip side?  Bahamas dolphin trips. Pure joy. 

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Caribbean Diving

Caribbean Cayman Stunning Multi Corals
Not only warm weather, rainbow corals, white-sand beaches, plentiful reef fish & corals ... but also energizing visits with sailfish or whale sharks of Isla Mujeres and the Cenotes of the Yucatan.

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Cocos Island Diving

COCOS RS Hammerhead deep blue
High-voltage, adrenaline-pumping action with thousands of the biggest, most sensational animals in the oceans. Welcome to Cocos Island . . .  the Jurassic Park of Diving.  Not for the faint of heart.

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Fiji Diving

Fiji Coral Macro
Renowned for the warmth of her people, Fiji is also known to divers as the Soft Coral Capital of the world ... but she delights equally with her incredible critters & the excitement of big animals.

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French Polynesia Diving

Mozambique Manta Bubbles Sun Copy opt
A venue for romance?  Yes.  But, also high-class adventure.  Raging currents, thrilling channels, swimming elbow-to-elbow with sharks & huge schools of fish - daily fare for diving in Polynesia.

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Galapagos Diving

Galapagos Marine Iguana Red Tones
Play with Penguins. Frolic with Sea Lions. Swim with Turtles. Compare your diving skills to those of the giant, gentle Whale Sharks. Galapagos never loses its allure. Experience the magic.

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Indonesia diving

Indonesia Pink Frogfish Study in Pastels
Unparalled bio-diversity.  A macro-photographer's ultimate fantasy.  Critters that defy the human imagination. Corals in every hue of the rainbow.  Mantas & whale sharks, too.  That's Indonesia.

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Malaysia diving

Malaysia Sipadan Humphead Parrotfish School
Borneo.  The name conjures up wild jungles & astonishing wildlife.  Sipadan Island is legendary for its world class diving & Mabul, Kapalai & Layang-Layang add their own unique flavors.

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Maldives diving

Maldives Anemone Fish Purple Surround
Volumes of sharks & rays, whale sharks & mantas.  Schools of tuna, jacks, wrasse & snappers. Soft & hard corals, colorful reef fish & shipwrecks to boot!  The Maldives never fail to enchant.

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Malpelo diving

Schooling Hammerheads opt
Wild, spectacular, intoxicating.  That's Malpelo.  Renowned for its abundance of schooling sharks and pelagic encounters, this is a "must do" destination for every adventurous diver out there. 

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Oman Diving

OMAN RS Green Trtl Ethereal White opt
Manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, abundant reef fish life, multiple macro critters, Mola Mola, Mobulas, sharks and beautiful coral reef diving. Plus a group of resident humpback whales.

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Palau & Yap diving

Palau Chambered Nautilus near Reef
Big Animal action in Palau. Mantas and Critters in Yap. The Ultimate Wreck Diving at Truk Lagoon.  Micronesia always ranks high on a serious diver's list of the world's top destinations.

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Papua New Guinea diving

PNG Zero Bomber Diver
Macro minutia to pelagic power. Quite simply a diver's dream world. Sharks, barracudas, ghost pipefish, rhinopias.  Diving like you've never seen before.  Culture like you'll never see again.

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Philippines diving

Philippines Moray and Cleaners opt
Walls & drift dives,"muck" & "critters",  macro & wide-angle, including plenty of shark photos to be had.  Immense bio-diversity makes this destination alluring for all serious divers.

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Red Sea diving

RS Multiple Anemones Diver Backgrnd
An underwater habitat as awesome as the cradles of ancient civilizations on land. On your debut or your 1000th dive, the walls, wrecks, schools of hammerheads, fiery corals will enchant you.

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Solomon Islands Diving

Solomons  Sea Fan Passage Diver
Remote, mysterious islands with culture nearly unchanged through the centuries.  Underwater, a broad spectrum of images, macro to wide-angle, in the breathtakingly beautiful South Pacific.

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Tonga diving

Humpback Lolling
Exotic.  Mystical.  Unforgettable.  The humpback whales of Tonga, mammoth, powerful, graceful & serene.  Revel in the interaction between mothers & calves, delight in the mating rituals of the adults.

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Vanuatu diving

P1070777 opt
Tropical islands, white sand beaches, clear waters.  Add in the haunting wartime wreck of a luxury-liner-turned-troop carrier.  Top it off with grottoes, overhangs, canyons & caves.  An excellent mix.

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