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DeepSee Submersible

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DeepSee submersible, custom-built for the Undersea Hunter Group, takes a pilot & two passengers to a depth of 1,000 feet (475 m) for a joy-ride, film-making or scientific research.


A word from Dom :  "In terms of underwater experiences, there is just nothing like a "dip" in the DeepSee.  As a diver, there's always a temptation, isn't there, to go deeper and deeper ... even when you know you mustn't.   Well, in the DeepSee you can go all the way to 1,500 feet and you can see what you've only dreamed of seeing.  At the end of this article, you'll find an account of my dream descent in DeepSee .... into the world of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."   .....   Dominick Macan


Designed to allow its passengers to board easily while the floating alongside the mother ship, Deep See is a comfortable experience and no decompression required, even after a deep dive.

If you are lucky enough to have the Deep See onboard your Undersea Hunter Fleet cruise, you can combine your regular scuba dives with several 2 hour submersible dives.  1000 feet (305 meters) below the surface.

DeepSee Interior Set


The High Definition video camera & HID lights onboard, allow all dives to be filmed.  Plus, passengers can use their video or camera equipment from inside the acrylic sphere taking advantage of the sub’s powerful external lights. The perfectly clear 4 inches thick sphere literally disappears when submerged and offers the viewers an unparalleled and unobstructed 360’ view of the undersea world.

DeepSee can dive to 1500 feet (450 meters) and has a dive autonomy of 6 hours at a speed of up to 1.7 knots.  However, it can remain submerged and operational for as long as 72 hours with its onboard life support system reserve and back-up power supply. Constant surface-to-sub communication and accurate sub positioning is maintained, at all times, by the Deep See pilot using state of the art electronics.

Operating since August 2005 the sub has made some fabulous discoveries of new species.

If you have the opportunity to descend into the depths on the Deep See, it's well worth the effort & the cost.


deepsee richard pyle everest bloom optThe life at 750 feet was no less intense, with huge mantas & mobula rays approaching the Plexiglas dome of the 3-man submersible Deep See.   On a 1000 foot dive we had a close encounter with a beaked whale, who stopped to idly observe the odd looking alien creature that had invaded its personal space . . . . before nimbly diving deeper & deeper to find his or her lunch.  A dive in this $5 million submarine is just not to be missed ...  continue reading

This is just a short report about the once in a lifetime dive adventure we had at Cocos & Malpelo Islands in June.   It's already long past for me, but still hot news for those of you who haven't had this opportunity yet!

We were on the flagship of the Undersea Hunter Fleet, the 131 foot Argo.  She's an incredible liveaboard & offers the added excitement of the tantalizing "DeepSee" submarine on which you can descend to otherwise impossible depths.

We had 15 nights at Cocos & Malpelo, where we dove amongst large schools of hammerheads at almost every site, encountered whale sharks and huge silvertips, even some tiger sharks, which used to be rare at Cocos but which are new frequent visitors.

Night dives were equally as dramatic with a few hammerheads and silkies, along with hoards of hunting white tips, almost bumping into you in the excitement of the hunt!

In short, I'd have to say that few dive destinations seem to get better and better, but Cocos is one that keeps rocking and never fails to impress, with each trip better than the last !

Dominick Macan


These rates are currently valid but are subject to change at the boat's discretion.

Single dive
maximum depth of 260 feet (80 meters)
Single dives (1 seat) purchased onboard or in advance  $1500 (subject to change)

Single dive
maximum depth of 1,000 feet (305 meters)
Single dives (1 seat) purchased onboard or in advance  $1895 (subject to change)

Full day charter
2 dives

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