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FeBrina is 72 feet of diving excitement.  Plying the waters of PNG since 1991, there's simply no better way to dive the magnificent reefs of Kimbe Bay, Rabaul & the South Coast of New Britain.

"FeBrina is one of my personal favorite liveaboard experiences. She's fitted with everything a serious and adventurous diver desires - plus she is captained by the incomparable Captain Alan Raabe, Australian extraordinaire . . . AND, following her re-fit she now has all en-suite cabins!  Diving PNG from the FeBrina ranks right up there in terms of my top diving memories.  This is diving as it was meant to be  ... great fun, enduring excitement, enough comfort to make the trip enjoyable ... but with the focus on the magic of the deep ... not the hot tub on the deck!"   ....   Dominick Macan

On board FeBrina

FeBrina interior set revised opt

  • 2 lower deck SINGLE CABINS
     upper & lower twin beds, porthole view
    4 lower deck TWIN/DOUBLE CABINS
    1 large lower twin bed and 1 upper twin bed, porthole view
    1 large lower deck DOUBLE CABIN
    double bed with porthole view
    All cabins have individually controlled air-conditioning and plenty of storage.

  •  4 - 5 dives per day
    most diving is done from the dive platform of the main vessel
    nitrox is available
    water temperatures: April - May up to 31 C ... later in the year 29-30 C.

  • accommodation & diving, meals, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages
    compressed air, tanks, weights & weight belts
    airport or hotel transfers
    complimentary wine with dinner
    final night dinner at Walindi Plantation Resort if charter finishes at Walindi

  • airfare
    bar beverages
    environmental & safety fees
    fuel surcharge (if applicable)


FeBrina offers divers a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and provides a highly experienced crew. The operation is very environmentally friendly, tying up to permanent moorings on top of the reefs thereby eliminating any damage to the delicate underwater eco-systems.

She has plenty of deck area and provides easy access to your dive gear plus lots of room to kit up. The crew will always happily lend a hand with camera gear.

FeBrina cruises from Walindi, also one of my absolute favorites in the dive resort category, which is located on the North Coast of New Britain, Walindi. Highly recommended is a combination trip on the boat and at the resort.


On FeBrina, you'll have the opportunity to dive superbly remote sites, some which are very seldom visited by divers. For divers and photographers alike, this underwater habitat, which typically offers fantastic visibility and prolific fish life is amongst the very top diving experiences one can have on the planet.

If you choose an itinerary which includes Rabaul, you have the additional top-side excitement of an active volcano! 

We recommend the land tour offered by the crew, which gets you closer to the action and explains the historical significance of this area, particularly during the World War II era . . . . . It's a nice compliment to your diving experience.


Itineraries for MV FeBrina.   Up to 4 dives per day. The exact itinerary is always weather and conditions dependant ... however, this itinerary is valid unless conditions dictate a change and the plan will always be to visit the following sites  ...   continue reading

MV FeBrina dives the areas of Kimbe Bay, the surrounding waters along the northern coast of New Britain such as Witu Islands to the north west and Fathers Reefs to the east, the Rabaul area and the Southern Coastline of New Britain. For selected departures, MV FeBrina also travels to other dive areas in Papua New Guinea.  The areas MV FeBrina dives are home to prolific and diverse marine creatures and corals. Each area has it's speciality and as most of the cruises cover at least two and often more destinations, the crew can offer many different types of diving in the one voyage.

Signature Itinerary

FeBrina's Signature Itinerary covers three areas of diving on the Northern Coast of New Britain Island. Working out of Walindi Resort in April, May, June, September, October and November, FeBrina visits the "must dive" sites in Kimbe Bay, at Witu Islands and also the Fathers Reefs area. Signature Itineraries are typically 9 and 10 nights. With an eight to ten hour steam between all three areas, you will be truly "getting away from it all" on a Signature Itinerary departure. Very rarely will you see another diver on a reef while at Witu islands or Fathers Reefs, other than your fellow FeBrina guests.  This itinerary gives a fantastic cross-section of many different dive types, from coral gardens, seamounts, reef walls, arches and overhanging ledges, to muck diving in rubbly black sand bays. Experience shark life up close with a shark attraction dive, watch from the water as dolphins play in the FeBrina bow wave or interact with the ever curious turtles at Fathers.

Mid Year Itinerary

FeBrina operates several eight and nine night Mid Year Itineraries during the year.   During July and August, FeBrina operates itineraries from Walindi Resort to Rabaul and then from Rabaul to Walindi. These trips include diving at the Fathers Reefs area, in Kimbe Bay, around the Bainings area and in Rabaul Harbour.  Rabaul is well known for it's wreck dives, however FeBrina doesn't do the wrecks as they are specialty dives best covered by the local Rabaul dive operators. If you are particularly interested in exploring these wrecks, we recommend you stay a few days in Rabaul before or after your FeBrina trip and the dive operators at Rabaul-Kokopo Dive will be able to give you the full wreck experience.

Rabaul Mask Festival is held in July each year. FeBrina endeavours to operate two trips to coincide with this festival. One trip departs Walindi and finishes in Rabaul, arriving at the start of the festival. And the second trip departs from Rabaul at the end of the festival and returns to Walindi. As trips are scheduled well in advance, occasionally the trip dates don't. Talk with us about how the dates fall during the year you're interested in going. 

South Coast New Britain

During March every year, MV FeBrina relocates to Rabaul and dives the Southern coastline of New Britain and New Ireland. FeBrina travels as far as Lindenhaven and Gasmata along the South Coast.  Diving here is a wonderland of rare and unusual critters and this itinerary will suit those divers who really enjoy macro diving, although there are some spectacular wide angle dives as well. Most of the diving is on fringing reefs and channels coming into lagoons. This is quite different diving to the seamounts and deep drop-offs of Kimbe Bay and our North Coast itineraries.  This itinerary includes a day of critter diving around the Rabaul Harbour jetties.  Rabaul is also well known for its wreck dives, however, as noted above, FeBrina doesn't do the wrecks as they are speciality dives best covered by the local Rabaul dive operators.  Chat with us about the options for diving here.


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