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Trips exclusive to Dive Advice Travel & our Associate Agents

Access a list of available spaces on trips chartered by Dive Advice  ...  or by one of our network agents ... some at reduced rates.   Most of these are not on the live feed because they are exclusive charters.   By using this search function as well as the "live search"  you can find a wider shoice of trips than on other travel websites.


List includes certain liveaboards not participating in live updates.

Bahamas Aggressor ... save up to 50%

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on Bahamas Aggressor
now through December 21, 2019
book by October 31

Explore the World Weeks
25% savings Bahamas Aggressor
2019:  November 23 - 30  &  December 21 - 28
2020:  February 8 - 15  &  August 2 - 8

Make an escape from your daily winter life.  Dive the Bahamas !   The coral is alive with angelfish & butterfly fish – groupers & barracudas & tiny invertebrates. If the weather is right, you'll visit Nassau's mysterious Lost Blue Hole surrounded by coral heads, stingrays and schools of fish. 

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Bahamas Master ... 2019 & 2020 Savings

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20% savings ... 7, 10 & 14-night trips
7 nights - now $2520
August 3  ...  September 30  ...  October 16  (2020 dates)
10 nights - now $3600
July 12  ..  July 23  ...  August 11  ...  November 15  (2020dates)
14 nights  ... 
now $5040
December 21, 2019
May 13  ...  June 12  ... June 27  (2020 dates)
book by October 31

Bahamas Master takes16 divers in 8 cabins with panoramic windows. Itineraries are designed to bring you "up close and personal" with playful dolphins, Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks & powerful tiger sharks & hammerheads.

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