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Access a list of available spaces on trips chartered by Dive Advice  ...  or by one of our network agents ... some at reduced rates.   Most of these are not on the live feed because they are exclusive charters.   By using this search function as well as the "live search"  you can find a wider shoice of trips than on other travel websites.

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Okeanos Aggressors ... Winter Specials Save 40%

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Winter Savings (2019 & 2020)
Save 40% on Okeanos Aggressor I & II
Okeanos Aggressor I
November 4 - 14
November 16 - 2
Okeanos Aggressor II
November 24 - December 4
January 9 - 19
January 30 - February 9

Rocky pinnacles surrounding Cocos are beacons for big animals and big action. Schooling hammerheads, countless white-tip sharks, mantas, tuna and even whale sharks call Cocos home. 

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Okeanos Aggressors ... Explore the World Weeks Save 25%

Cocos Okeanos Aggressor I NEW 475x425 Gr Deals Composite opt

Explore the World Weeks
Save 25% on Okeanos Aggressor I
Okeaonos I
December 16 - 26, 2019
February 22 - March 3   & 
April 18 - 28, 2020

Divers love the spacious Aggressor vessels, their great cuisine & the crew's mission to cater to everyone's needs.  You'll dive into the best of the best here:  whale sharks, schooling hammerhead sharks, white-tip sharks, tuna, manta rays, turtles and giant frogfish !  Cocos Island National Park was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997. Weather permitting, Okeanos Aggressor I guests are shuttled ashore to hike through the jungles of Cocos and swim in her many waterfalls.

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Winter Specials on Argo & Sea Hunter

Cocos Sea Hunter 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 3 optArgo & Sea Hunter
Save $500 - $1000
most available trips
now through March 23
regular rates: Sea Hunter from $5795 / Argo from $6445
+ $490 park fees

Cocos is still a true pelagic "hot spot".  The waters explode with life including innumerable white tip reef sharks, schooling hammerheads, dolphins, manta & marbled rays, giant moray eels, sailfish, and the occasional whale shark. You'll find huge schools of jacks & tuna, silky sharks, silver tips, Creole fish, green turtles and octopus.  And, to host you on this adventure, you'll have one of the incredible vessels of the Undersea Hunter Group.

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