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Galap Master flipped 360x240Uniquely Dive Advice
Trips exclusive to Dive Advice Travel & our Associate Agents

Access a list of available spaces on trips chartered by Dive Advice  ...  or by one of our network agents ... some at reduced rates.   Most of these are not on the live feed because they are exclusive charters.   By using this search function as well as the "live search"  you can find a wider shoice of trips than on other travel websites.

Select "Destination Galapagos" for rates & dates ... & to book available spaces 

Save on Prime Time Trips - Whale Shark Season

Galapagos Master Gr Deals with hammerheads opt

Early-bird specials - save $1000
Galapagos Master & Humboldt Explorer

Humboldt Explorer - save $1000

August 26 - September 2
regular rate $5395 + $150 fuel surcharge
now $4395 + surcharge

Galapagos Master - save $1000

September 2 - 9
regular rate $5475 lower deck & $5575 Upper deck.
now $4475 & $5575

Prime whale shark season on two the the most popular dive liveaboards in Galapagos at a special early-bird savings.   Dive Advice Travel charters. Contact us to book .... or use the search & booking form at the top of the page to book on line.

Humboldt Explorer details      Galapagos Master details   


Galapagos Aggressor save $1600 - exclusive offer

Galapagos Aggressor 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 3 opt Galapagos with photo pro
$1600 savings ... final 2 spaces
July 11 - 18   Galapagos Aggressor III
7 nights  ... regular rates $6595  ...
now $4995
with photo pro Manuela Kirschner
offer not available through Aggressor or other agents

Not only will you have a photo pro on board, but the luxury Galapagos Aggressor always ensures your comfort & safety. Up to four dives will be offered daily; two in the morning, two in the afternoon. In addition, two night dives & two land excursions per week will be offered.  You'll dive the best of the Galapagos - including Darwin & Wolf - with  large schools of hammerhead sharks, manta rays & eagle rays.  Get ready for the thrills! 

Galapagos Aggressor III details




Majestic Explorer save $1000

Galapagos Majestic Explorer 475x425 Gr Deals Composite opt Select Dates June & December
Save $1000 

regular rates $6095+ $150 fuel surcharge

June 8 - 15
December 14 - 21
now $5095 + fuel surcharge

The spacious & beautiful Majestic Explorer has six of the eight cabins with twin beds. All cabins can be converted to queen beds & all have windows.  Sunning & viewing areas, ample seating and a hot tub are located on the top deck.  Of course, she'll carry you to all of the revered Galapagos dive sites where you'll come face-to-face with more marine life than your imagine can conjure up.  Everything from huge sharks to miniscule nudibranchs.

Majestic Explorer details


Humboldt Explorer Save $1000

Humboldt Ezplorer GR Deals 475x425 new 05 18Humboldt Explorer
Save $1000
August 26 - September 2
December 16 - 23 

now $4395 + $150 fuel surcharge

Schooling hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, whale sharks, mantas, eagle rays, razor surgeon fish, king angelfish, Galapagos tortoises, fur seals & sea lions and oh, so much more!  Highly recommended and a great value ... the Humboldt Explorer always pleases. Most cabins can be arranged to provide two twin beds or one large bed depending on guest needs. All cabins have flat screen televisions and windows to maximize the view of the Pacific Ocean and Galapagos Archipelago.

Humboldt Explorer details


11 incredible prime-time nights in Galapagos ... save $1000

Galapagos Humboldt Explorer 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 1 opt11 nights on Humboldt Explorer
now only $7478 .... save $1000

September 2 - 13
from San Cristobal

Enjoy extended time at Darwin & Wolf  ... one of the pinnacles of scuba diving !  Plus, conditions permitting, a visit to Isabella  That means, of course, that you not only get the FULL cast of characters but you get extra time with them!   What could be more thrilling ?   And, Humboldt Explorer is always a crowd-pleaser.  She's stable, comfortable, roomy and boasts a great crew.

See Humboldt Explorer details


Calipso introductory offer save $1000 ... now only $4295

Galapagos Calipso Gr Deals artist rendering opt NEW Calipso savings
$4295 introduction rate
+ free wifi
all 2019 departures
regular rate $5295

Calipso has been a successful naturalist vessel in Galapagos & is being completely rebuilt for diving. There's been lots of attention to detail, including the bi-level rinse tanks (deep for big rigs and shallow for GoPros) to providing cabins for single divers.  The itinerary includes Darwin & Wolf, of course, but also an area rarely dived except by professionals.  We hope to have photos very soon ...

Calipso details


Galapagos Aqua introductory offer ... only $3495

Galapagos Aqua Gr Deals 1 opt Save on NEW Galapagos Aqua
$3495 introductory rate
offer valid in June & July
regular 2019 rate $3995

The Galapagos Aqua has been around under other owners but is being refit by new owners with long experience in Galapagos & South America.  We expect this to be a solid budget option in Galapagos.  The Aqua offers 9 cabins for a maximum 16 guests, featuring main deck and upper deck cabins which have picture windows which can be opened. Lower deck cabins have portholes only.  Aqua will include Darwin & Wolf on her itineraries.

Galapagos Aqua details


Galapagos Entry .... effective June 5, 2017

Please note goldIMPORTANT NEW Galapagos Visa Regulations
Galapagos has very specific requirements for entry. This is due to the effort to manage the impact of both residents and visitors on the islands and their wildlife.                                                      read more

Prior to entry into Galapagos - ALL visitors MUST have the following:

  • round-trip ticket
  • reservations in a hotel or on a cruise which correspond EXACTLY to the dates of your airline tickets
  • (or) an invitation letter to remain as a guest of a permanent or temporary resident in Galapagos for no more than 60 days in a year
  • immigration card (known as the Ingala card) issued by the Gal├ípagos Special Regime Governing Council
  • proof of health insurance for all visitors to Ecuador

* The requirements must be presented to & accepted by the Governing Council at Quito or Guayaquil airport upon entry.  You will then receive your Ingala (immigration) card.

If you are on a dive liveaboard (or liveaboard naturalist cruise) you will NOT be allowed to spend time on the islands before or after your cruise UNLESS you have made prior reservations.

We will be happy to advise you regarding accommodation on the islands.

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