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Access a list of available spaces on trips chartered by Dive Advice  ...  or by one of our network agents ... some at reduced rates.   Most of these are not on the live feed because they are exclusive charters.   By using this search function as well as the "live search"  you can find a wider shoice of trips than on other travel websites.


White Manta Explorer ... Last Minute Savings

Indonesia Raja Manta 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 1 opt10% savings - Banda Sea & Raja Ampat
aboard White Manta Explorer
Banda Sea  ...  7 nights  ... now $3330 
October 15 – 22
October 25 – November 1
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea  ...  10 nights ... now $4050
November 5 – 15 
Raja Ampat  ... 7 nights  ... now $2790
November 28 – December 5
December 8 – 15

Stable, extremely roomy and very reliable in Indonesian waters, the White Manta is perfect for extended itineraries to the most exotic regions of Indonesia. Guests will sail in comfort throughout the fabled Coral Triangle, including itineraries in Ambon, Banda, Sangalaki and Raja Ampat..The huge variety of coral and fish life is reflected in the diversity of dive sites you will visit;

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Indo Siren ... save 25% in Raja Ampat

Indonesia Indo Siren Great Deals C Set 475x425Save 25% in Raja Ampat
aboard Indo Siren 

October special offer
March 5 - 15

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Raja Ampat incites even experienced divers to "rapture".  On a 10-night Indo Siren itinerary you can expect 3 days in the Misool area with its wonderful soft corals ... Airborek Island & the infamous pier dive ... Mansuar for manta ray action ... Dampier Strait ( seahorses to pelagics )... and fabulous Cape Kri & Sardine with exhilarating drift dives. 

A Manta Trust representative will be giving on-board presentations about manta ray behaviur, biology and the global challenges they face. Your assistance with their manta ID research will be very welcome.

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Dewi Nusantara

Indonesia Dewi Nusantara Last Minute optFebruary 29 - March 11
Solar Eclipse

Raja Ampat   11 nights

The large & extremely luxurious - but relaxed & easy - Dewi Nusantara is a three-masted, wooden motor schooner, an astounding 57 meters (188 feet) in length.  The diving includes awesome corals, a plenitude of fish species, in more shapes & sizes than you can imagine, plus all the levels of the food chain from pygmy seahorses to top predators.  PLUS, the solar eclipse.

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Manta Trust Program

What is the Manta Trust & what are Manta Trust Expeditions?

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The Manta Trust takes a multidisciplinary approach to the worldwide conservation of manta rays and their habitat through dedicated science and research projects.

One core focus of the Manta Trust expeditions is ensuring that divers leave at the end of the trip with an increased awareness of the threats facing the manta population worldwide ...  as well as increased knowledge of how to help.

On-board workshops allow divers to develop the skills necessary to identify the animals they see on a Manta Trust trip ... and to continue the work on future dive trips by submitting photos on-line to the Manta Trust’s global database.

The Manta Trust operates projects all around the world in top manta ray dive destinations. At each of these locations the project leaders have the expertise to ensure that divers receive an enriching experience.

We will update you on future trips as we receive the information  .... but, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information in the meantime.

Indo Aggressor savings in Komodo

Indonesia Indo Aggressor Gr Deals Set 475x425 b opt

Explore the World Weeks
Save 25% on Indo Aggressor
December 15 - 22, 2019
January 10 - 17  &  May 3 - 10. 2020

As many of you are avid photographers who like nothing more than hunting out weird and wonderful critters on the reef and sand, Agressor has expanded the Komodo diving itinerary to include two locations to the west of the Komodo National Park – Sangeang (an island volcano to the north of East Sumbawa) ... and Bima Bay.  There are two specific sites in both of these areas that are producing a dazzling array of rare creepy crawlies on a regular basis – “Estuary” on Sangeang and “Fuzzy Bottom” at the entrance to Bima Bay.  Other highlights include USS Liberty Wreck, abundant soft corals, schooling jacks, oceanic white tip sharks, manta rays, eagle rays.

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Raja Ampat Aggressor .... save 25%

Indonesia Raja Ampat Aggressor 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 3 optExplore the World Weeks
aboard Raja Ampat Aggressor
April 12 - 22
June 18 - 28
10 nights from $3637

This itinerary offers just awesome diving.  You'll have a profusion of corals & fish ... great macro critters .... with mantas & sharks thrown in to boot.  The Raja Ampat itinerary combines the best dive sites of Dampier Strait, Fam, Mansuar and the awesome dive sites of Misool, the best diving area of Raja Ampat. The great highlights are the manta cleaning station near Mansuar and the huge schools of fish near Farondi.And, guests adore the stable, comfortable nature of the Raja Ampat Aggressor.  She's big, spacious, solid and just a wonderful way to cruise the waters of eastern Indonesia.. 

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