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Maldives Aggressor Summer Savings

Maldives Aggressor II 475x425 Gr Deals Composite optTwo trips in August
Maldives Aggressor extra savings
Best of Maldives 10-night trips

save 25% in August
August 11 - 21
  ...  August 21 - 31   ... 10 nights
$3000 / $3150 / $3825 + $350 park fees

The new 135-foot Maldives Aggressor II takes up to 22 divers.  She offers Best of Maldives & Far South Atolls itineraries.   Best of Maldives cruises include everything Maldives is known for: from tiny critters to big schools of snappers & fusiliers the reef sharks, manta rays and whale sharks which can be seen all year round.

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Conte Max ... Save on Manta Trust Programs

Maldives Conte Max NEW Gr Deals boat only 472x425Save on Manta Trust Programs
aboard Conte Max
August 26 - September 2
regular rate $2,310 ... now $2,100

September 2-30 
regular  $2,160 now $1.900

These expeditions has been specifically timed to coincide with the most productive monsoon winds and lunar currents, which strongly influence the movements and feeding habits of reef manta rays. The aim is to use the knowledge of Manta Trust experts to find these feeding aggregations and allow the guests to experience the wonder of immersing themselves in a feeding frenzy.  You will explore some of the ratrely  rarely visited northern atolls.  A trip designed especially for adventurers looking for something new and rarely offered in the Maldives!

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Blue Voyager offers 20% discounts

Maldives Master Gr Deals Set 475x425 optLast Minute savings of 20%
7 & 10-night night trips

May special offers ... deposit by June 7
May 21
May 28

7 nights
20% OFF now $1,512

Currents are the norm in the Maldives & experience beyond beginner level is recommended.  Submerged pinnacles (thilas) in clear blue water offer the chance for larger pelagics, while there are relaxing drift dives & coral vistas along the outer walls of the atolls.  The boat has 13 well-designed cabins (3 double suites &10 twin cabins).  Five lounges on board means there is plenty of space to chill out.

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September Manta Madness ... aboard Adora

Maldives Adora 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 1 opt7-night trip on Adora
includes Hanifaru Bay mantas

September 15 - 22
Standard $1869 / Ocean View $2051

Your Manta Madness itinerary will include diving at North Male / Lhaviyani / Noonu / Raa / Baa Port ... with a visit to Hanifaru Bay Freeding Frenzy included.  From May through November, thanks to opposing tides & monsoons, there's a phenomenon which traps masses of krill in Hanifaru Bay.  They don't like sunlight, so they stay deep and can't escape over the coral reefs.  Cue the Manta Rays !  Every year, the mantas arrive for the feast of all feasts, sucking up the krill with eager abandon.   Visits are strictly regulated ... but on this September cruise, you can be one of the lucky swimmers to view the spectacle.

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Indonesia,  Truk Lagoon,
Polynesia,  Socorro  +++

French Polynesia Master

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