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Palau / Truk / Bikini Select Trips ... Uniquely Dive Advice

Solitude One Glowing optOffers from our network of agents
Trips unique to Dive Advice Travel & our associate agents

An exclusive list of available spaces  ...  trips chartered by Dive Advice  ...  or by one of our network of agents ...  some at substantial savings. 

This list also includes a few boats not on the live feed.              read more

We offer TWO lists of available spaces: 

1.  "live feed"  ...  live & direct from 120 participating liveaboards

2.  "select trips list".... direct from our network of associate agents & exclusive to Dive Advice
      most of these are not on the live feed ... (this is not our choice ... just how the live feed works)
      so we created this bonus list for you

Using both lists, you can find a wider choice of dates & spaces than you find on other dive travel websites

You can book spaces through either list ... or please feel free to contact us by email, phone or Skype with any questions you may have. 

Choose Destination Palau or Truk on our "Select Trips List" for rates & dates ... & to book available spaces


Exclusive offer ... Aggressor II prime time in Palau 2019

Palau Aggressor II Gr Deals Set 475x425 b optPalau Aggressor II
save $600  ... now from $2735

7 nights ... February 10 - 17
Dive Advice Travel exclusive

Palau is known for its schools of grey reef sharks & white-tip sharks and its graceful manta rays.  December through March, you may see as many as 20 – 30 rays at one time!  At the other end of the spectrum, divers find mandarin fish, Moorish Idols, unicorn fish & butterflyfish.  All year round,  you encounter massive bait balls of scad in and around Ulong and German Channel ant at Blue Corner & Siaes Corner. Topping it all off are the WWII wrecks whose hulls are now covered in lovely corals which house beautiful reef fish.

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Palau Aggressor offers 50% savings

Palau Aggressors Gr Deals Set 475x425 optPristine Palau ... 5 trips only
save 50% now from $1667
Palau Aggressor II
7-night trips .... 2018
January 27 ... 1 space only

Reef sharks, white-tips, manta rays, loads of intriguing critters, plus WWII wrecks. Something for everyone ... including the thrill of drift dives.  The stable catamaran of the Aggressor fleet provides loads of space and great comfort in addition to superb diving.  All dives are made from the 18-passenger dive skiff.  Seven-day charters are Sunday to Sunday with 5 1/2 days of diving, beginning Monday morning & ending Saturday.

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Palau Siren offers 15% - 20% savings

Palau Siren Bumphead Parrotfish Great Deals 475x425Best of Palau & Spawning Trips
Select dates - Save 15% - 20 %

includes free beer, nitrox, diving gear
book by November 30

Palau Siren November offers

Spawning trip – save 20%
January 30 – February 9   10 nights
Spawning trip –  save15%
June 1 - 11   10 nights
Palau Islands – save 15%
June 12 - 22    10 nights
Spawning trip –  save 15%
June 25 – July 5  10 nights
Palau Islands –  save 20%
September 12 - 22 : 10 nights
Exhilarating drift dives, coral bommies, beautiful anemones, hard & soft coral encrusted walls, schools of sharks & other pelagic action.  Also some great critters: spiny devilfish, juvenile batfish, dart fish, long nose hawk fish, gobies & frog fish.  Perhaps the most famous dive site in Palau, Blue Corner has steep sheer walls, an abundance of fish life & strong currents which bring blacktip, whitetip & grey reef sharks, plus schools of jacks & huge Napoleon wrasse.

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Truk Lagoon super savings

Truk Master 475x425 Gr Deals CompositeTruk Master - save 30%
book by November 30

See 2018 & 2019 special offer dates

December 12 - 22: 10 nights
December 23 - 30: 7 nights
January 9 - 19: 10 nights
January 27 – February 6 : 10 nights
February 6 – 16 : 10 nights
February 16– 23 : 7 nights

Dive the Japanese WWII fleet in Truk Lagoon.  Historical artifacts such as medicine bottles & newspapers, along with articles of war (aircraft wings for the Zero Fighter planes, tanks, guns, gas masks, ammunition) can still be found at many sites. The itineraries allow you to explore many of the famous wrecks as well as some superb reef diving with channels which serve as hunting grounds for reef sharks & schooling pelagics.  Truk Master is re-breather friendly

More about Truk Master

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Palau Aggressor & Rock Islands Aggressor ... Save 25%

Palau Rock Islands Aggressor Gr Deals Set 475x425 optDive the World Club
Save 25%

Rock Islands Aggressor
August 4 - 11
Palau Aggressor II
June 2 - 9
now deluxe twin/dbl $2651 + $210 local tax

Palau's mushroom-shaped rock islands offer a variety of exciting dives: WWII wrecks, shark-infested channels, blue holes, a freshwater lake with stingless jellyfish and even a few caves. There are also sheer walls covered in lush soft corals and huge anemones. Beginner divers may find Palau's strong currents challenging so chat with us before you decide.

more about Palau & Rock Islands Aggressors

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