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Choosing "the best" dive liveaboard from the growing numbers can be challenging.   It's critical to us at Dive Advice to represent vessels which offer consistently excellent service.

Some of the boats on our site are "tried & true" friends we've known for years.   Others are fresh & new & exciting.    All are operated by people we trust implicitly.   We hope our choices will help in planning your travel.  Remember, we're always here to assist.  Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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Fiji                                               2 liveaboards

Fiji Aggressor

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786 banner Dewi Nusantara

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Malpelo                                      1 liveaboard


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Oman                                            2 liveaboards

Oman Aggressor
Saman Explorer

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Bilikiki Ext opt

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Tonga                                        1 liveaboard


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