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Most of these liveaboard groups offer excellent incentives & rewards for repeat clients ... plus discounts for groups & charters.   When you book, remember to inform us if you're not a first-time diver with a fleet.   We'll ensure that you receive all the perks the fleet provides.   If you're part of a group - small or large - don't hesitate to ask for our assistance with group rates.

Undersea Hunter Group

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The Group

These two dive vessels serving Cocos Island have been impeccably designed for the diver and photographer - including professional photographers and film-makers.

The Sea Hunter was built as a dive support boat for the oil industry. Redesigned specifically with the recreational scuba diver’s comfort & convenience in mind, she’s been serving Cocos Island since 1995. At 115 feet, her interior is superbly spacious & luxurious but underneath she’s a remarkable workhorse.

The Argo is the latest & largest Undersea Hunter vessel.  Carrying 18 divers in incredibly spacious surroundings, the boat is bright and warm and inviting.

The icing on the cake, is the DeepSee submersible, which is available on certain trips .... most commonly on the Argo .... if it is not being used for scientific research.  

When you book, be sure if ask if the DeepSee will be available on your trip.

Groups and dive clubs

If you have a group which would like to dive with the Undersea Hunter Group, don't hesitate to contact us about group discounts.

Committment to the environment

Finally, just a word about the eco-friendly nature of the Undersea Hunter Group.

For starters, they have set up an incentivized system for receiving, separating and storing all forms of recyclable waste at their own GalMar dock in Costa Rica.  Workers are rewarded for their diligence with the entire proceeds from this effort.

The process begins on the three boats where the paper, plastic, glass and aluminum are separated by the crew and brought home.

Next the Group also receives, transports and separates all of the refuse produced and collected by the park rangers, volunteers and academic investigators working at Cocos Island.

That refuse is also brought to the dock. In addition, chemicals, medicines, batteries and other tech-generated wastes are segregated and stored.

Once a month, this substantial volume of material is transported by our own trucks to the appropriate facilities.

And in all ways, they are involved with sustaining and improving the environment at Cocos Island for the resident animals ... and for the divers.

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