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Liveaboard Fleets ....

Aggressor Fleet  ...  Explorer Ventures Fleet  ...  Master Fleet  ...  Siren Fleet  ... Undersea Hunter Group

Most of these liveaboard groups offer excellent incentives & rewards for repeat clients ... plus discounts for groups & charters.   When you book, remember to inform us if you're not a first-time diver with a fleet.   We'll ensure that you receive all the perks the fleet provides.   If you're part of a group - small or large - don't hesitate to ask for our assistance with group rates.

Master Liveaboards

The Galapagos Master, pictured above was the first of the Master Fleet to launch ... in 2015.   Her sister ships are currently operating in the Bahamas, Truk Lagoon, French Polynesia, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Groups and dive clubs:

Contact us for group rates and free spaces on Siren and Master

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