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Liveaboard Fleets ....

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Most of these liveaboard groups offer excellent incentives & rewards for repeat clients ... plus discounts for groups & charters.   When you book, remember to inform us if you're not a first-time diver with a fleet.   We'll ensure that you receive all the perks the fleet provides.   If you're part of a group - small or large - don't hesitate to ask for our assistance with group rates.

Explorer Ventures Fleet

Small groups and dive clubs

For instance, for small groups of divers, they offer a “free berth policy” which allows you to receive 1 free spot with every 5 paid.

This applies to all their destinations (maximum 2 free spots per charter).

This means that 6 of you could be diving the Northeastern Caribbean for 8 days and 7 nights for less than $1,600 each if you share the value of the free space.  

Not bad!

5 trips booked - 6th free

If you book 5 non-discounted trips with Explorer Ventures, your sixth trip, in most circumstances, will be free

In certain unusual cases you may instead be offered a significant reduction.

There are no blackout dates or booking restrictions for any of the Caribbean itineraries;
           however, free trips on either Humboldt Explorer (Galapagos) or Carpe Vita Explorer (Maldives) may only be confirmed 120 days or less prior to departure

Consecutive weeks

If you'd like to join two or more consecutive weeks, you may save 15% on all trips after the first.
The second week should be booked in advance to ensure availability.

Multiple cruises per year

5-5-5 Loyalty Program
Available to all guests who travel on more than one cruise per year.

5% deposit (as little as $94.75)
5% monthly payments
5% discount off trip price
Book within 5 weeks of your first voyage

And this program counts toward the "pay for 1 get a 6th free" program

Plus, Explorer Ventures often offers special trips and special discounts.  There are always plenty of incentives to travel with this fine group of liveaboards!   Check our Great Deals pages .....

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