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Saba & St Kitts ... save $600 on a diving holiday

Caribbean Explorer 475x425 Gr Deals CompositeDIVE THE LEEWARD ISLANDS: SABA & ST KITTS
7-night trips for only $1595
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Dive the Leeward Islands.  The Northeastern Caribbean is an intriguing area offering a blend of Dutch, British, French and native cultures on some of the most scenic islands of the Caribbean. Saba, known for submerged pinnacles, is the top of a dormant volcano towering 3,000 feet above the surface. The abrupt topography above the sea is mirrored below.  The profusion of marine life is due to Saba's Marine Park.  St. Kitts offers finger reefs, recent wrecks and a variety of drop offs.  Read more about Caribbean diving     >

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