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Even before you hit the water, your senses are bombarded by the land animals - sea lions, fregate birds, blue-footed boobies, iguanas. Then you dive in to find yourself surrounded by masses of jack fish, playful sea lions, curious dolphins, exquisite rays, hundreds of hammerheads & those massivet whale sharks.   The Ultimate Wildlife Park on the planet.

COVID-19 UPDATE .... open for current info ...

Galapagos Islands are currently open to divers ....with restrictions ... Strict testing procedures are in place.  KAYAK is updating worldwide travel info daily.  For details, click here to visit their site  or contact us for the latest news    Note:  Kayak's  "No Restrictions"   can still mean a quarantine after arrival in the country.  Be sure to read the fine print for the country.  Also, no one, not even Kayak, always has the very latest.  Regulations change daily.

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