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Palau to Philippines Diving Extravaganza

Philippines Anilao pink fan fish shutterstock 261263369 optDive Palau and The Philippines
19 magical nights from country to country
April 4 - 23, 2020
aboard Solitude One

This extraordinary dive expedition aboard the spectacular Solitude One liveaboard allows you to enjoy a seemless program encompassing two fantastic diving destinations on one cruise. It's a unique, one-of-a-kind smorgasbord of the best scuba diving in both Palau & the Philippines.

What's Life Without a Challenge ?

Putting this trip together needed a bit of creativity  ... working with the ship’s operator and two distinct governments, to assemble an itinerary which ensures “smooth sailing” across national borders.  But, “voila”. It’s done and we can offer you a very unique opportunity to dive some of the finest sites of both Palau and the Philippines, without having to pack your gear, trudge your way through airport security, plan overnight accommodation required by flight schedules … and make your way to a different vessel in each destination.  20 days of sheer bliss.

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Itinerary overview

Below is the tentative itinerary, which, as always, is subject to change based on weather and sea conditions

Get ready for Palau’s most revered dive sites "Blue Corner" and "German Channel", where reef sharks and mantas are on the agenda plus, you’ll experience the mystical "Jelly Fish Lake" with its millions of non-nettle jellyfish. This will be followed by some of the best "Muck Dive Sites" of the Eastern Phillippines, complemented by chance to swim with the whale sharks in Southern Leyte …. and crowned by the beautiful and fish-rich reefs of the "Tubbataha Marine Natural Park", where you’ll encounter a bit of almost everything found under the ocean’s surface ... click to continue reading

Proposed itinerary is dependant upon wind, weather and currents. The timetable may change at any time and is for reference only.

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Day 1 - check in to Solitude One in Palau
Upon arrival in Palau, the Solitude One team will meet you at the airport and escort you to the boat in the port of Koror. A delicious dinner will be served followed by a briefing.

Day 2 to Day 7 - Palau's top dive sites
For a total of 6 days you will dive Palau’s top dive sites, such as the Blue Corner or Ulong Channel with its reef sharks and fish schools and German Channel with its mantas.

Day 8 - diving Jellyfish Lake and departure for Philippines
Day 8 requires an early start for a dive in the mystical Chandelier Cave where, in air-filled chambers, you’ll admire the stunning stalactites. Then, you’re off to Jelly Fish Lake for snorkelling in the midst of thousands of non-stinging jellyfish, one of the highlights in Palau. If time permits, you’ll have a little scenic tour through the Rock Islands on the way back … and as soon as immigration gives the green light in the afternoon, you’ll set sail for the Philippines.

Day 9 & Day 10 - crossing from Palau to Philippines
The journey takes roughly 60 hours from Palau to Surigao on the east coast of the Philippines. Plenty of time to take a look at your Palau photos and sip a cool drink of your choice on board in the jacuzzi.

Day 11 - arrival in Surigao
Once through the Philippines immigration process, it’s on to the islands Basol and Hagakhak where you’ll dive into another world. Tiny creatures including frogfish, gobies, wire coral shrimp, various nudibranchs & blue-ringed octopus complement the stunning coral gardens here.

Day 12 - diving Southern Leyte
Steep walls, macro and fish are the name of the game in the sheltered reefs around Napantaoo. Pygmee seahorses, ghostpipe and leaf fish are native to this area and are your special treats for the morning dives. In the afternoon, a snorkeling trip in front of Napantaoo may give you a good look at passing whale sharks, if the timing is right.

Day 13 - revel in Negros, Dumaguette muck diving
After a short night crossing, it’s a Muck Diving day at some of the best-known sites, including the Coconut Pier in Dumaguette. In the gray / black sand are rarities such as the blue ring octopus, seahorses or various types of frogfish, plus nudibranch fans will get their money's worth.

Day 14 - the rich dive sites of Cagayan Islands
The reefs of the Cagayans drop steeply into the depths and are littered with huge gorgonians and fan corals, which alternate with fields of soft corals. Hidden in the reefs one finds, as almost everywhere in the Philippines, the finest macro life. Under overhangs, white tip reef sharks take their afternoon nap. Groups of stingrays cross the sands and schools of black snappers hunt for prey in open water.

Day 15 to Day 19 - the charms of Tubbataha Reef diving
A total of 5 days are available in the World Heritage Site, the Tubbataha Reefs. The three atolls are home to huge shoals of barracudas, snappers and mackerel. The cliffs are littered with huge fan corals and intact hard coral formations. Turtles lay eggs on the islands and shark species such as the gray reef shark and bowhead hammerhead love the deep waters around Tubbataha. Even tiger sharks belong to the regular sighting list. Everything is possible in these deep-sea waters, from the nudibranch to the whale shark, with an average visibility of 30 meters.

Day 20 - arrival in Puerto Princessa and checkout
Unfortunately, even the best diving tours come to an end and after arriving in the morning it is time to say goodbye to the Solitude One. After a hearty breakfast, the Solitude One team will accompany you, packed with impressions and photographic material, to Puerto Princessa Airport. 

Solitude One - your home away from home

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Solitude One, a 52-meter (171-foot) steel-hulled merchant vessel, was transformed into a stunning diving yacht.   In the redesign process, the digital darkroom was given as much consideration in the overall design of the vessel.  Occupying premium space on the 'A' deck and placed adjacent to the lounge, the space is designed for safely stowing camera and video equipment, for prepping, charging batteries and working on photos.  Computer terminals are available if you want to leave your laptop at home and a library of carefully selected periodicals and books will give you all the intellectual stimulation you need. She has a comfy lounge and covered & uncovered sundecks - plus the deck is also great for watching out for dancing dolphins and breaching mantas or hanging out in the evenings to look at constellations in the night sky.

Solitude One details

Rates, What's Included, What's extra, Miscellaneous Details

This trip makes it possible to connect two "Unesco World Heritage Sites" in just one tour without leaving the platform of your liveaboard. ... click open to continue reading

April 4 to April 23, 2020
Rate:  from $7000 to $8500 depending on your cabin choice

Included in the rate:

  • 20 days / 19 nights aboard the Solitude One
  • accommodation in a deluxe cabin
  • full board plus water, coffee, tea, soft drinks
  • up to 4 dives per day
  • up to 16 dive days (weather & conditions permitting)
  • transfer to & from local airports (Koror in Palau / Puerto Princessa in Philippines)
  • tanks, weights

Extras :

  • airfare
  • insurance
  • Palau Diving Permit, Jelly Fish Lake Permit
  • Cabin Tax & Departure Tax
  • Philippines & Tubbataha Permits
  • nitrox
  • possible fuel surcharge (you'll be notified in advance if a fuel surcharge is necessary)


Destination airport for this trip: ROR - Koror / Palau
Departure / return airport for this trip: PPS - Puerto Princessa / Philippines

Place & time for checkin on the Solitude One: Marina Koror at Neco Marine on 04.04.2020 from 6pm to 7pm
Location & time for the checkout on the Solitude One: Port of Puerto Princessa on 23.04.2020 between 6 and 9 o'clock in the morning

General informaion :

Water temperatures Palau & Philippines:
about 26 to 30 degrees

Air temperatures Palau & Philippines:
about 28 to 33 degrees

DIN & INT valves available

Electricity on board:
220 Volt Uniplug - also German plug compatible

Payment on board:
USD Cash or Credit Card - park fees in cash only

Entry requirements Palau & Philippines:
Current information can be found on the pages of the German Foreign Office for Palau or the Foreign Office for the Philippines

Diving accident insurance
You will be required to have a dive accident insurance such as DAN or DiveAssure, which includes rescue and return at sea. Private accident insurances, which include diving risk, as well as rescue and return at sea, are also permitted, provided that the full extent of the insurance can be demonstrated in English. The corresponding proof may be checked on board.

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