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Every year, we offer special charters on dive liveaboards around the world in the finest dive destinations  ...  at the best time to be there ...  on our favorite liveaboards.  Here's what's on offer in the upcoming months & years .....

Dive Astonishing Alor Aboard Luxurious Arenui

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Extraordinary diving & culture tour
April 28 - May 8 ... aboard MSY Arenui

Have you long dreamed of diving the best of Indonesia from a luxury liveaboard ?  Then the Arenui is just right for you. This Phinisi schooner is the height of luxury and will take you to the legendary reefs of Alor to dive into one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world.

So, where exactly are we going & what's the diving like ?

Alor and Nusa Tenggara is the area surrounding the magical island of Flores in Indonesia ... just east of Komodo.  As the Arenui sails through the archipelago, you'll see white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, green forests and savannahs with water buffaloes. 

Three inactive volcanoes in the road between Alor and Pantar form a unique combination: steep rock faces, numerous small caves and fine sandy soil, as well as the sometimes strong current which brings plenty of nutrients with it, provide for a multitude of creatures that are only here find and see there. You dive in sparkling coral gardens, which are teeming with huge schools of tropical fish.

Diving offers widespread muck diving, sharks and large schools of fish, WWII wreck dives, untouched reefs and unexplored coral gardens with magnificent soft corals and stunning hard coral formations.  You can expect your diving delight to further include angelfish, damselfish, weedy scorpionfish, frogfish, anthias, snappers, mantis shrimps, leaf-fish, giant bumphead parrotfish, lionfish, moray eels, cuttlefish, wonderpus and mimic octopus, ribbon eels, nudibranchs, sponges, gorgonians, sea fans, soft and hard corals, dolphins, reef sharks, sperm whales and even possibly whale sharks.

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As to topside treasures, sailing through this remote region brings you face-to-face with one of the country’s most active volcanoes which erupts every 30 minutes and makes for more thrilling photo ops. You'll also meet some of the famous Pura Island villagers, who splash out of their wooden dugout canoes and dive underwater with home-made goggles fashioned from wood and glass bottles.  

And, you'll take time out of diving for some land excursions where, with luck you may encounter the following: a trek to see one of the giant lizard species (slightly smaller & brighter than its cousin on Komodo); a visit to the traditional village of Bena, where the population has maintained an earlier way of life, preserving their buildings & ancient customs.

Arenui .... your stunning home-away-from-home

The truly spectacular Arenui fits perfectly into the "Boutique Liveaboard" category.   The second you step on board you notice that she is a world apart from the average dive vessel. 

Intimate but roomy, the Arenui is an exquisite ship and a work of art in itself ... with wooden detailing and classic decorative touches. This is a truly unique & special liveaboard, one of the finest you'll experience.  The crew of this lovely vessel aims to provide a dive holiday & experience unlike any other, giving you the best diving and leisure activities without sacrificing any of the comforts and luxury you would expect to get from a top-notch hotel on land.

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Arenui details

Dates & Itinerary, Rates, What's Included, What's extra

Take your international flights to Bali, Indonesia, where you'll most likely want to or need to overnight (based on connecting flight schedules).  Your next flight is to Maumere, Flores.  We'll help you with the domestic flights as Indonesian airlines are notoriously undisciplined about schedules.  We'll do everything humanly possible to make sure everything runs smoothly for your adventure but we highly recommend arriving a minimum of one day in advance of your cruise ... click to continue reading for more trip details

April 28 - May 8, 2020

Rates per person - 2 guests per cabin: 
Upper Deck Master Suite:  $7000
Upper Deck
Twin Cabin:  $6750
Lower Deck
Twin or Double Cabin : $6500

Included in the rate:

  • cabin of your choice
  • pension full board including soft drinks, tea, coffee, water, snacks
  • transfers & airport assistance in Maumere
  • shore excursions according to program and options, depending on the weather
  • dive package with up to 4 dives per day including trips in the dinghy
  • tanks & weights
  • ½ hour «welcome» massage
  • DIVESAFE diving insurance from DiveAssure

Extras :

  • rental equipment
  • souvenirs & tips
  • alcoholic beverages
  • espresso & cappuccino
  • SPA applications
  • massages
  • nitrox
  • laundry service
  • satellite phone use

10-night itinerary:

April 28  .... Travel & boarding
After your international flight to Bali, you’ll fly to Maumere on the island of Flores. We’ll arrange a transfer for you to the M.S.Y. Arenui. After a detailed briefing on the planned activities for the coming days, you’ll be free to set up your diving & camera equipment.

Then, after your first dinner on board, the adventure truly begins. Slip out to the deck to enjoy the evening under the starry sky while the M.S.Y. Arenui glides smoothly over the waves (weather gods permitting, of course).

April 29 to May 7 … Cruise, explore and dive Alor

On this diving and nature cruise you will experience the highlights of the area on a winding route through an island paradise.  Anyone who only comes here for diving would miss the true charm of Nusa Tenggara & Alor because these fabulous islands have much more to offer than «only» manta rays, sharks, colorful fish, strange critters and fascinating underwater landscapes.

It is the diverse combination of experiences on land and under water that make the tours on the M.S.Y. Arenui so special. Fascinating shore excursions will rank amongst the highlights of your trip, as will the many dives in crystal clear seas.

Under water you will explore world-famous dive sites known for an extraordinary variety with occasional dolphins, manta rays and sharks and loads of critters such as pygmy seahorses & rhinopias. The reefs of Alor are among the most colorful and species-rich in all of Indonesia.

And, in addition to the abundance of sea creatures, you’ll find that the land (above & beneath the surface) is equally imposing. Daylight scenery will be accentuated by 1,450-meter-high Gunung Api, one of the numerous highly active volcanoes in the region. Below the surface, you will find wonderful drop-offs, plateaus and black sand bottoms.

May 8 … Journey home or extension

After a last night on board, you can fly to Bali or stay for a few days on fabulous Flores. Whichever your choice, because domestic flights in Indonesia are often late, we recommend an additional night in Bali. You can also stay here a few more days to relax & enjoy the beauty of Bali..

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