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pen ink well goldA note from Dom  ... Focus on Whales

The sheer immensity of these animals creates a palpitating heartbeat.   Their intriguing behavior patterns, the eerie sound of their singing, the outrageous photo ops   ...  & the fact that most of the trips are for divers & non-divers alike  ...  translated to aquatic opportunities not to be missed !

Whale Encounters - An Overview

Tonga humpback calf eye to eye shutterstock 501726358 optA thrill difficult to describe
Swim & snorkel with mellow mammals
Experience their habitat & lifestyle

Thousands of whales gathering every year to mate & calve in regions which offer relatively warm waters.  On our whales trips, you will see a dazzling display of behaviors.  And, you will often have eye to eye encounters as you slip quietly into the sea to interact with these beauties.  The magic is indescribable, but we'll do our best !

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Silver Bank Humpbacks

Tahiti young humpback shutterstock 1455196766 optDominican Republic Humpbacks
Swim with humpback whales in the Caribbean
Dates now available in 2021

We have carefully chosen operations where you can easily & safely swim with the whales.  Just as importantly, where the animals are protected and respected.  The stunning Silver Bank in the Caribbean offers clear, relatively warm water where you'll have carefully monitored encounters with awesome humpbacks.

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Philippines Anilao pink fan fish shutterstock 261263369 optHumpback whales & idyllic Moorea
Swim, snorkle and explore
September 26 - October 10, 2021

The clarity of the water & the excellent visibility are unusually good compared with other "swim with whales" destinations.  Moorea, with its large annual congregation of humpbacks, offers whale encounters of a unique quality.  This expedition, based at a traditional Polynesian "pension" offers the full flavor of Polynesian life.

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Spring Humpbacks at Socorro

Socorro Humpback Pair Photographer shutterstock 120429946 3 optMigrating Humpbacks & Giant Mantas
Socorro (Revillagigedo Islands) Mexico
January to April annually

Just after the New Year, humpback whales arrive in the Socorro Islands in an annual migration from the cooler waters of Alaska and Canada.   Hundreds of them!  Their migration is an epic journey through open ocean and thousands of miles to the small islands of the Revillagigedos Archipelago (Socorro). 

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Winter Whales of Norway

Arctic Norway Orca Jumping Perfect Fotolia 29386401 Subscription L Copy optNot your every-day voyage
The fjords of Norway
November through February annually

A remarkable number of humpback whales & orcas are found hunting groups of herring which migrate into the fjords of Norway.  Our friends at Waterproof Expeditions offer great opportunities for whale watching, photography and snorkeling in the crystal clear Arctic waters ... which is an experience in itself !

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Consider one of our Photo Expeditions ....
special trips with professional photographers to help and guide you to improve your photo quality ....

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