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The sheer immensity of these animals creates a palpitating heartbeat.   Their intriguing behavior patterns, the eerie sound of their singing, the outrageous photo ops   ...  & the fact that most of the trips are for divers & non-divers alike  ...  translated to aquatic opportunities not to be missed !

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Irresistible Whale Encounters - An Overview

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Swimming with whales is a thrill difficult to describe

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Prolonged treks in search of warmer climes

 With thousands of whales gathering every year to mate and calve in regions which attract with their relatively warm waters, you will see a dazzling display of behaviors from the deck of custom whale boats.  In addition, you can often have eye to eye encounters as you slip quietly into the sea to interact with the graceful giants in their ocean holiday home.  Calves can be about 15 feet in length while adults are about 45-50 feet.

Intriguing behavior

 Humpbacks are known as the acrobats of the ocean, often seen breaching (jumping out of the water), and flipper and tail slapping, amongst other distinct behaviors - all of which add to the spectacle and novelty of the experience.

These activities often revolve around breeding behaviors and researchers think the males are competing for the chance to mate with available females.

But, breaches and slaps, in addition to being aggressive displays during courtship, may also be a play behavior in both juvenile and adult whales. Breaches & slaps may also be used to remove pesky barnacles or old skin (a form of grooming).

Melodies of the deep

The males (and only the males) in the warm breeding waters are famous for their songs - long series of vocalizations that can last for up to 30 minutes.

Maybe they are intended to let other animals know where they are and who they are. The songs don't seem to be way of attracting partners, as, interestingly, most females seem to avoid the singers!

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