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pen ink well goldA note from Dom  ...  Capture Images with Tips from a Photo Pro

Included in this segment are a number of titillating expeditions with some seriously talented photo-pros ....  along with the full range of photo workshops on offer from  Siren  Aggressor Fleets.   If you'd like an opportunity to pick up some great photo tips ... or just swap stories ... one of these might be just the ticket.   You can also visit   Unique Adventures   and   Focus on Whales  for additional photo expeditions  ...

Viking Sea Orca Expedition

New Zealand 2 orcasA feeding frenzy unlike any other
Norway orcas & whales photo tour
November 6 - 12, 2020

Join this 6-night orca adventure aboard the M.S. Stronstad for 5 days of snorkelling with orcas & humpbacks, exploring the fjords and experiencing Norway's wildlife and exotic Northern Lights.  The expedition will led by photo pro, Werner Thiele who will provide photo tips for all interested photographers.

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UW Photography School

x lionfish straigh on shutterstock 231380635 optAggressor Liveaboards
Jim Church Photo Workshops
aboard a variety of Aggressor liveaboards

Aggressor Fleet offers multiple opportunities each year for photographers to participate in workshops with the Jim Church School of Underwater Photography.  You'll find workshops in Raja Ampat, Galapagos, Palau, the Bahamas, the Red Sea and more ... and you'll have the opportunity to learn from pros.

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Big Animals Global Expeditions

Amos Sperm Whale Tale Swimmer optAlways avant-garde & in small groups
 ... always supreme adventure
Photo Tours from Antarctica to Tonga

We're very personally pleased to represent the entire range of diving expeditions with renowned photographer Amos Nachoum.   The adventures he offers to divers and photographers are unique and exceptional & the photography guidance for the participants is simply top-notch.  
(sperm whale photo by Amos Nachoum)

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Photo Tours on Siren/Master

PNG soft coral crinoids shutterstock 513899302 optPhoto tours 2019 & 2020
Siren Fleet & Master Fleet
see the remaining available spaces below

Siren Fleet & Master Liveaboards have always been strong supporters of underwater photographers & each yacht was carefully designed to accommodate the your needs.  In addition, on certain cruises, photo professionals provide guests with the opportunity to learn new tricks & enhance their photo skills.

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