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Included in this segment are a number of titillating expeditions with some seriously talented photo-pros ....  along with the full range of photo workshops on offer from  Siren  Aggressor Fleets.   If you'd like an opportunity to pick up some great photo tips ... or just swap stories ... one of these might be just the ticket.   You can also visit   Unique Adventures   and   Focus on Whales  for additional photo expeditions  ...


Arctic Norway Orca Jumping Perfect Fotolia 29386401 Subscription L Copy optPHOTO- & VIDEOTRIP ORCAS
The fjords of Norway
November 6 - 12, 2023

A large number of humpback whales & orcas are found hunting herring which migrate into the fjords of Norway.  We can offer great opportunities with the top operators for whale watching, photography and snorkeling in the chill of Arctic waters ... which is an experience in itself !


You'll enjoy sightings of white tailed eagles, the arctic winter & northern lights & dazzling landscapes. The recommended months for experiencing this northern phenomenon are October & November. This is when the balance between light and access to herring and whales is optimum. The winter days in Norway provide excellent light for photography. You will spend the daylight hours looking for whales and other wildlife and the prime goal is to get you to take a dip in to snorkel with the animals. One of the planet's ultimate thrills!

We advise you to bring your spirit of adventure and to be prepared for seriously cold, but rewarding, days at sea ... with spectacular views of Mother Nature. You are going to confront true wildlife encounters and unpredictable weather conditions. The success of your trip will be based on realistic expectations and your personal adaptability.



UNIQUE ORCA TRIP - Norway’s orca season is on the horizon, and we have a once in a lifetime offer to our Behind the Mask Travel family!

Together with Norwegian underwater production house Cinemarine, we are organising a 6 day orca expedition that has everything: the best season, a big luxurious boat for a select group of guests (6 max!), budget friendly (!) and a highly experienced crew consisting of professional underwater photographer Timon Koch and underwater cinematographer Kjetil K. Astrup . Ever wanted to dive with orca pods chasing herring together with a professional cinematographer? Tips on how to photograph humpback whales lunging from the deep, or capturing the infamous Northern Lights with the snowy Fjord landscape in the background?

The following is an approximate itinerary as the final itinerary, of course, depends on the sea, the weather and the animals.  Expert guides will accompany you on your whale watching adventures to provide information and guidance.

Day 1: Arrival and boarding
Arrival at Tromsø airport. We recommend to arrive 1 day before on Nov 5 or even 2 days to explore the city. Transfer on November 6 around 1 pm to Skjervøy where you will stay for 6 nights in the Skjervøy Lodge Fiskecamp AS. 

Day 2-6: The search is on
Surrounded by the dramatic Norwegian fjords, you'll spend 5 full days following schools of herring  ... and pods of orcas & humpbacks. From the comfortable day boat you can look for whales and enjoy the amazing light and the awesome scenery. Whenever the conditions are right and animals are in the vicinity, you will go snorkel and photograph the animals and feeding frenzies.

We will spend all day out in the fjords during daylight. 

During the darker hours you will enjoy the warm and cozy comfort of the camp with your tour leaders or go out for some Northern light photography. With a bit of luck you might be treated to some of this delight.

Day 7: Disembarkation
Transfer back to Tromsø on Nov 12 for your int. flight after breakfast by Minivan (3 hours). Please arrange your int. flight departure with us (not before noon) so we can arrange a decent transfer time in the morning.

Norway Aurora Borealis 1050x400 shutterstock 497083891 opt



Orca Kingdom Trip Norway inclusions, exclusions .... open for details

6. – 12.11.2023 Orca Expedition with Cinemarine and Behind the Mask

Rates are per person and based on double occupancy and include:

€ 3.999 per person in a twin/double shared cabin


  • Max. 6 guests in 2 cozy houses in Skjervoy
  • 6 nights, breakfast included
  • Transfer in a Van form Tromsø with driver
  • Van on spot for bad weather days or for the night (northern light photography)
  • 5 days on the water with an extreme comfortable Ocean X 40-foot day boat (heated inside area, space for normally up to 12 people, dive deck)
  • Extremely experienced Skipper (experienced with film teams like BBC, NatGeo etc.)
  • Tour leader and Photographer Timon Koch (Behind the Mask / Cinemarine) 
  • Tour leader and Videographer Kjetil C. Astrup  (Cinemarine)
  • Rental Equipment (wet and dry suits) available on demand

Not included:

  • Flights (we will happily assist, just let us know)
  • Tourist Visa (if required)
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Non specified meals and beverages
  • Tips for local crew
  • Equipment rental
  • Any later added fees/fuel surcharges/supplements/taxes over which Kingfish has no control

Important: We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which also covers force majeure and single missed



Dates & rates of these trips can be found on Charters & Special Expeditions.  



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