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pen ink well goldPolar Expeditions with Snorkeling & Diving ... a note from Dom

From King Penguins to Arctic Reindeer  ...  from swimming with Leopard Seals to cavorting with Narwhals  ...  these trips are the cream of the crop.
  We offer the best operators & the moist exhilarating trips ....many led by world renowned photograhpers.  I'd love to add your name to the list of intrepid explorers who have ventured to the Arctic/ Antarctic.  If you have questions, just give me a shout  .... Cheers, Dom


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Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica
November 4 - 26, 2021

One of the greatest adventures of your life awaits: visit Tiera del Fuego, the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula.  Stellar days in the mystical, magical far southen reaches of our planet ... where the scenery is breath-taking and the animal life astounds.  Diving package available.


This polar expedition into the land of the penguins is for nature lovers as well as for divers.  For 3 weeks at the far south of our planet, the invitingly comfortable and immensely sturdy M.Y Hondius will be your home & base for daily excitement.   This "White Planet Expedition" will lead you to discover the whimsical wonders of the polar sea.  Divers, you can immerse yourself (snorkel or dive) amongst penguins and seals.


We highly recommend that you start your trip in Buenos Aires where you can explore this Argentinian metropolis or take an optional detour to the breathtaking waterfalls of Iguazu. 

A 1½ hour flight takes you to Patagonia and Puerto Madryn in Patagonia.  Experience the small, vibrant town on a stroll In the evening and visit one of the many fish restaurants.  Get to know the local specialty Centolla, the southern king crab!

From there, you'll depart on your journey through southern seas .... visiting the Falklands & South Georgia ... sailing through Drake's Passage & visiting Right Whale Bay ... until you finally set foot on the continent of Antarctica itself.

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Read an in-depth description of the itinerary of this magical voyage and what you can expect with each passing day ... click to continue reading

This is a tentative itinerary.  Everything, of course, depends on the seas, the weather and most importantly the ice floes ......

You will arrange your international flights to Buenos Aires and join the group there on November 4 to begin the program.

November 4: Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn  A 1½ hour flight takes you to Patagonia and Puerto Madryn.. You’ll spend 2 nights in the 4-star Hotel Península Valdés.  We recommend visiting one of the many fish restaurants where the specialty is southern king crab … or an Argentinian steakhouse.    

November 5: Today is all about the famous and game-rich National park "Peninsula de Valdés" with its Magellanic penguins, elephant seals and southern right whales. With a little luck you will see how orcas hunt young sea lions all the way out onto the beach.

November 6:  Late afternoon you will board the M.Y Hondius which will depart for the Falklands through the "Golfo Nuevo". Keep your eyes peeled for southern right whales which frequent these waters..

November 7-10: At sea, West & East Falklands, Port Stanley. You will spend two days at sea, heading for the Falkland Islands. Bird watchers get their money's worth on the crossing !  You will spend the first day in the Falkland Islands in the west of the Archipelago. On a hike along the coast of Carcass Island experience breeding Magellanic penguins and Gentoo penguins. On Saunders Island, you can observe the majestic black-browed Albatrosses plus 4 of the penguin species.  The second day in Falkland includes visits to Port Stanley and East Falkland: the Capital of the Malvinas.

November 11 & 12: At sea. Two exciting days at sea await you, the ship is on its way to South Georgia.

November 13-16: The M.V. Hondius reaches South Georgia. In the bay of Elsehul Thousands of fur seals cavort.  Your journey takes you on to the Right Whale Bay, Salisbury Plains, St. Andrews Bay and more where daily expeditions will enchant you with a variety of dramatic landscapes and a wide range of animal species such as elephant seals, fur seals, king, donkey & crested penguins, gray-headed & smoked albatrosses, and petrels … plus a visit to Shakleton’s grave.

November 17: At sea again. You leave South Georgia and embark on the next stage.  Expect the usual soaring birds and possibly some young emperor penguins … and possibly minke whales, dolphins or large whales such as humpback, fin, sei or even blue whales.  Keep your eyes and ears open, because someone is always shouting "Whale blowing!"

November 18: The South Orkney Islands  If weather and the ice pack allow, you will will be able to visit the the Orcadas station in Argentina today and pay a visit to South Orkney Islands.  The friendly station staff likes to show how people live and work here. You’ll enjoy viewing the surrounding glaciers and explore them with zodiacs.  The underwater view here is largely crystal clear and on our last expeditions this area was a favorite for divers.

November 19: At sea heading towards Antarctica.  Enjoy the day in the cozy panorama lounge with one of the many excellent lectures by the experts on board, read a book or edit your photos.

November 20-23:  The Antarctic Peninsula in early summer. The captain is now steering the ship into and through the icy Weddell Sea filled with big table icebergs. A landing at Brown Bluff is planned where you can finally step onto the 7th continent. The ship will then proceed through ice-filled waters and you will admire the rugged, ice-capped mountains and sail toward Deception Island, a horseshoe-shaped volcanic island with a sunken crater that opens to the sea.  Here you can find hot springs, an abandoned whaling station and Cape petrels, Dominican gulls and Arctic terns plus more penguins and fur seals. Divers & snorkelers will find lots of invertebrates including sea urchins, snake stars and sun stars.

November 24 & 25:  At sea through Drake Passage and to Cape Horn & Tierra del Fuego.  Your two-day return trip is anything but lonely or boring as your team will continue to offer lectures on history, geography, geology & zoology.

November 26:  Your ship reaches the port of Ushuaia in the morning. After breakfast it's time to say goodbye to the M.V. Hondius. A short transfer takes you to the airport for the departure back to Buenos Aires. 

If you would like to extend your trip, we can help you to set that up.



The Antarctic waters are rich with krill, meaning that quite a lot of marine life is attracted to the area. In addition to seals you’ll also have a good chance to make friends with some the penguin population on your dives.

Before your cruise departs you’ll be asked to present your internationally accepted diver certificate, your diver’s logbook (you’ll be asked to provide copies when completing your diver personal information form), and a statement from your doctor (not older than two years) that states you are in a good state of physical health allowing you to scuba dive.

Also, it's necessary that you have experience with cold-water diving and dry-suit dives (at least 30 dives).  As there is no decompression chamber in Antarctica, you'll be asked to adhere strictly to all rules and dive-master requests.



The 107 meter long M.V. Hondius is Oceanwide's newest and most advanced expedition ship  and the world's first registered Polar Class 6 ship, which meets the highest standards
fulfilled for ice-reinforced cruise ships.  The ship is extremely comfortable and fully tailored to the needs nature travel groups.  The ship is powered by an ecological diesel-electric drive which significantly reduces the noise level and vibration. The ship was specially designed for marine research trips. The crew consists of 71 crew members and a doctor.

M.V. Hondius has a restaurant, lecture room and a spacious lounge with a bar and large windows that allow a full panoramic view. It also offers large open deck areas that provide excellent opportunities for landscape and wildlife observation. 10 zodiacs with 40 HP outboard motors are available and 2 gangways allow rapid operations.

Plancius interior setThere are 80 deluxe cabins for up to 170 passengers.  The spacious cabins vary from luxurious suites with private balconies, to normal suites and superior cabins to twin cabins with windows or portholes, as well as triple and quadruple cabins. All cabins all have flat screens & music. All cabins face the sea and have windows or portholes. Minibar and a desk are available in all cabins and each of the cabins has a separate bathroom with hand basin, shower and toilet.


Antarctic Expedition inclusions, exclusions 2021

Rates starting at 10,000 Euros.  Consult us for details.

This expedition includes:

  • accommodation in cabin of your choice (with en-suite facilities)
  • board (3 meals daily, table service at evening meal)
  • afternoon snacks, water, tea, cocoa, coffee & instant soup in the salon
  • linen, towels
  • Antarctic excursions as well as zodiac rides (all carried out according to feasibility)
  • all activities & lectures on board (crossing days) are included
  • free use of rubber boots
  • transfer to airport on the day of departure
  • approximately 100 - 150 photos of the trip

The extras are:

  • flights
  • hotels
  • activities in Patagonia
  • National Park & port fees
  • dive package

Please note that in bad weather or unforeseen circumstances the dive program may be cancelled


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