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pen ink well goldA note from Dom  ... Love Shark Diving ?

Yep.   We do, too !   In fact, the Dive Advice team is simply "shark-mad".    Sure, corals & critters are Great ... with a capital "G" ... but, our primary passion is pelagics  ...  and sharks in particular.   Join us here for some of our sharkiest adventures.   In this section, you'll find some of our very favorite trips .... remembering that there are oh! so many others to be found on the site.

Cat Island Oceanic Whitetips

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Cat Island, Bahamas  
from March to June

Picture the Bahamas ... crystalline waters, white sand beaches, rolling green hills & a languid way of life. So, where's the adrenaline rush?  Well, for one, near Cat Island you’ll find sheer walls, drop-offs & untouched reefs.  But, there’s no question that the whitetips are the biggest drawing card.

Rare opportunity

Cat Island is one of those rare diving destinations where the diver can experience close encounters with the magnificent Oceanic Whitetip.  They arrive in the spring - in large numbers in April and May - following the tuna migration.

The Whitetips are generally quite solitary and slow-moving and they tend to stay not far from the surface, scanning for food sources. This makes them relatively easy to find and swim with. That being said, however, they prefer the open water so finding them can take minutes or hours!

Groups will often form if a good food source appears and observing a feeding frenzy is a distinct possibility on one of your dives.

Plenty of variety

The whitetips aren’t the only species in these waters .... so you’ll have plenty of excitement between sightings. Divers often see silky sharks and dusky sharks, even the occasional blue marlin. And diving the deep waters here always offers surprises, such as blue sharks, mobula rays, tiger sharks and great hammerheads .....

We work with the most reliable operators here.  Trips are land-based ... and run by true professionals.

Conditions and diving experience required

In April and May, the temps average 75 to 80 degrees Farenheit .... and visibility extends to 70 feet or more.

The whitetip experience is for advanced divers, as you will be drifting in the blue with large predatory sharks, without the protection of a cage.   Hence, an advanced diver certification is required and free diving/snorkeling experience is recommended.

Guests are able to spend hours in the water with the sharks on snorkel and most of our operators offer at least one tank-dive per day.

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