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Each trip here is unique, special, extraordinary .... something you'll do once in your lifetime, if at all.  They are the stuff dreams are made of.  For a lucky few ...  they become reality.    Read and dream ... and feel free to contact us to learn more about one of these rare journeys.   I'm always happy to chat about the various options, so don't hesitate to give me a shout  .... Cheers, Dom


Malpelo silky shark shutterstock 178533530 optMAGDALENA BAY MARLINS
 Marlins, Sea Lions & Bait Balls
November 14 - 19 ... $2495 + tax

This unique trip offers the excitement of swirling baitballs in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by hungry striped marlins & sea lions.  Five incredible nights, with the lovely cataman Mango Wind as your "hostess", will allow you to revel in the frenzy. It's a short season.  Don't wait !

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Malpelo silky shark shutterstock 178533530 optSHARK POTPOURRI
Fuvahmulah, Maldives
November 24 – December 3, 2021

Recently discovered shark diving at Fuvahmulah is one of the ultimate shark diving journeys in the world.  Encounter tiger sharks, thresher sharks, hammerheads, silver tips, whale sharks, grey reefs, white tips & black tips, oceanic white tips, whale sharks  ... plus loads of pelagic fish !

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Malpelo silky shark shutterstock 178533530 optMIGRATING DEVIL RAYS
and predatory Orcas
2022 dates announced (see below)

Twice a year, the Sea of Cortez hosts a “gathering of the clan” …. thousands upon thousands (estimates run to 10,000 & more) of mobula rays (Devil Rays) migrate into the the waters around Cabo San Lucas and La Paz ... and predatory Orcas follow.  A unique & awesome spectacle ensues !

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Malpelo silky shark shutterstock 178533530 optCATCH A RIDE WITH A BLUE WHALE
Atauro Dive Resort
2022 dates to be announced

From October to December, the Wetar Strait in East Timor becomes a passageway for countless migrating blues & humpbacks.  Sperm whales & smaller whales (such as short-finned pilot & melon-headed whales) and dolphins can be seen year-round at East Timor. 

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10-night Galapagos Magic

Galapagos Whale Shark, Diver FollowingDIVE DARWIN & WOLF IN GALAPAGOS
Unforgettable encounters
Available spaces on 2022 departures

Does a 7-day itinerary in Galapagos seem a bit insufficient to you?   Each year there are limited opportunites to join 10-day voyages (and even, occasionally, an exotic 14-night trip).   On a 10-night voyage, you can expect up to 30 dives in these enchanted waters.

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Palau Full & New Moon Diving

Indonesia bumphead parrotfish around hard coral shutterstock 401092828b opt SPAWNING RITUALS IN PALAU
Snappers or bumphead parrotfish
Year-round opportunites full & new moon

These customized tours in Palau are designed to deliver spectacular diving.   Sam’s Tours & Unique Dive Expeditions have joined with the Palau Siren to offer diving during full & new moon cycles when different fish species gather in huge numbers to spawn.  Wild excitement.

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Solomons Diving Extravaganza

Solomon Islands lush corals lots of fish shutterstock 149235503b opt  DIVING ... STUNNING & REMOTE
Dive the Solomons aboard the Bilikiki
14 glorious days of diverse diving

Your desire is to “get away from it all” ?  We can’t imagine a more perfect choice than the Bilikiki in the Solomon Islands.  You will find exceptional dive sites wherever you go.  Diving in the Solomons is pristine thanks to the limited number tourists, dive liveaboards & resorts.

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Ever considered swimming with whales?   Discover the possibilites.  See Focus on Whales .....
Or perhaps a Photo Expedition with one of the top underwater photo pros ?

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